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Coming Up Next – Wasabi Goes Global

Wasabi continues to roll Cloud Storage 2.0 around the world, as we expand to serve our international and multi-national clients as directly as we can by opening our first European data center in Amsterdam this coming December.

Expansion and multiple data centers is great news for all of our customers, but you may be thinking, why Amsterdam?

When it comes to networking and data centers, Amsterdam is hard to beat.

Digital media companies like Discovery, MTV Networks, Viacom and Netflix have their European headquarters or a major presence in Amsterdam.

Global brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Adidas, and Heineken now rely on ad campaigns that are made in Holland due to the superb creative talent and infrastructure available to them. These ads are rolled out worldwide, digitally.

Game developers find the region to be a powerful breeding ground for talent and rock-solid infrastructure, with companies including Guerrilla Games, Perfect World, Kixeye, Chartboost and Activision Blizzard finding a home in Amsterdam.

From a pure connectivity standpoint, the most important transatlantic data connections between the US and Europe run through Holland, cementing the region’s role as the Digital Gateway to Europe. This Gateway provides strategic connections to the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Wasabi’s data center operation will be housed in the Amsterdam Science Park facility, Europe’s most dense networking hub – offering the best possible route choices, lowest latencies to EU markets and lowest cost.

With some of the most demanding and fast-moving industries using Amsterdam as a hub, we are excited by the opportunities that this new data center location will open for our customers and partners in Europe.

To our international customers, we say “Cheers!”

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