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How Cloud Storage 2.0 Promises to Change Everything in Media & Entertainment

I’m flattered and honored to deliver the keynote address to the Creative Storage Conference on June 7. As content continues to expand, media and entertainment industry practitioners need innovative ways to use and store all they’re creating. I’ll be discussing how cloud storage 2.0—Wasabi’s hot cloud storage— will help change everything in media and entertainment.   

It’s said that we’re currently in the golden age of visual entertainment. The explosion of the number of outlets where audiences can watch, and the ever-lowering costs of digital production and post-production equipment are some of the main drivers of this entertainment era.

The burgeoning number of productions, as well as the need to maximize use of existing assets poses storage challenges to the media and entertainment industries. 4K, 8K, HDR, multi-camera (360-video), virtual reality, special effects, and more have huge storage requirements and need responsive performance, upwards of multiple petabytes for just one feature-length movie. Production teams need to store, retrieve, and collaborate quickly and cost-effectively on projects in order to be successful.  And while many M&E companies see the value of taking the load off their own networks and moving files to the cloud, the costs can still be exorbitant.

To offset those costs, studios and producers are now beginning to ‘de-archive’ their assets, pulling old films out of storage vaults and presenting them to new audiences. Wasabi’s cloud storage price and performance are allowing studios to leverage existing media to derive new revenue streams.

At Wasabi, we’re unabashedly biased, and we think that cloud storage, specifically hot cloud storage, is the way forward for the media and entertainment industry. By rethinking the way bits are written to disk, Wasabi’s Cloud 2.0 price and performance are unparalleled. We don’t charge egress fees, either, so that your total monthly storage costs are both predictable and simple to calculate. In addition to price and performance, Wasabi also provides protection of your valuable data in two ways: through our immutable buckets, which ensures that your data won’t be accidentally or maliciously destroyed; and through our strong encryption which guards against hackers and other bad actors. We won’t make any statements about bad acting on screens, though.

I’m looking forward to hearing from the other Creative Storage keynoters, as well as learning from the attendees, and I’ll report back here on the Wasabi blog next week in my follow-up post.


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