Custom-Branded Wasabi Drives Pro Logic’s Cloud Storage Expansion

September 20, 2023By Carson Barcome

Solutions provider Pro Logic Systems partners with leading technology manufacturers to build and deliver next-generation networking infrastructure, managed services, and cloud systems for corporations in every vertical, from healthcare to distribution. Pro Logic Systems needs its turnkey solutions to be branded, agile, and efficient. White labeling Wasabi’s object storage checked all the boxes as the company looked to enhance its cloud offerings.    

Challenge: Deploy White Labeled Tier-One Cloud Storage that Competes on Cost     

“A big percentage of our storage business is on-prem, but we knew we wanted to get into the cloud. We’ve never really sold any AWS S3 cloud products, although we have experience with Azure’s cloud-based services like Office 365. But looking at their cost structures for cloud storage was a non-starter,” said Frank Del Campillo, Executive Vice President at Pro Logic. 

The charge for API calls and egress fees and complicated, tiered price structures would be difficult for a reseller to pass on to its customers, Del Campillo said. “It’s a challenge for the company to deliver anything like price predictability or budgeting expectations as prices change so much based on how frequently data is accessed at the larger cloud providers. Pro Logic wanted a cost-effective cloud solution that would be compatible with other cloud services and fit with its brand.” 

“We wanted to be able to say, “We can sell you this cloud and still support the product you’re using, whether it’s Veeam, Rubrik, or any of those that support S3,” Del Campillo said.  

Solution: Scalable, Cost-Effective Object Cloud Storage and Account Control Manager from Wasabi 

Pro Logic chose Wasabi’s object cloud storage with Account Control Manager and Custom Cloud Console to expand its cloud offering.  “We can do a full-white label where clients can access their cloud portal under the Pro Logic name and see exactly how they’re using their cloud storage. It’s been a great addition to the Wasabi product set,” Del Campillo said. “The custom branding allows us to offer extended services to our clients while building our reputation.”  

CCC login screen example using Pro Logic Systems branding

Login screen branded with Pro Logic Systems's logo using Custom Cloud Console

Wasabi’s single tier of fast, robust cloud storage and price predictability were key factors in Pro Logic’s decision. “Not having egress fees or charges for API calls is so important,” Del Campillo said. “I can go to a client, point out all the additional monthly costs they’re paying for Azure or AWS, and tell them with us they’ll get a set price. We can offer them an S3 bucket way cheaper than you could get it from AWS or Azure. That monthly price fluctuation goes out the window; their set price isn’t going to change. That position is the primary reason companies look at Wasabi.” 

Storage immutability, when data goes into secure object buckets that can’t be tampered with or hacked by ransomware, was also attractive to Pro Logic, he added. “If something happens to your on-premises storage, data can be compromised. Immutable cloud buckets offer better protection. It’s another great feature from Wasabi.” 

Account Control Manager 

Pro Logic leverages Wasabi Account Control Manager to gain greater visibility and control over its customer accounts and manage billing under one platform. “We can set up accounts and sub accounts in a matter of minutes, and from our clients’ perspectives it’s all a seamless experience through Pro Logic. We have a better overall look at utilization and can be flexible with our customers’ subscriptions,” Del Campillo said. 

CCC example showing account usage

Custom Cloud Console showing accounts under management

Custom Cloud Console

Wasabi Custom Cloud Console, a feature of Wasabi Account Control Manager, is key to the branding initiative, Del Campillo said. “We put our logo on the portal, give our clients access to their accounts, and, even more, offer them greater insights into their storage consumption. They can see their own information, understand how much storage they’re actually using, and where they might need to grow. We have clients on the portal now who are using 500 TBs when they’re only supposed to be using 450 TBs, but we can offer them that awareness and help them manage expenses.” 

example of how to create a bucket

Custom Cloud Console creating buckets for sub-account users

example of objects with CCC branding

View of objects within a sub-account's bucket in Custom Cloud Console

Pro Logic leverages Wasabi’s reserve capacity storage model to fuel the pricing flexibility and insights it offers its customers. “We have two petabytes of reserve storage that our customers can tap into. We can carve up that bucket however we need to. Let’s say a customer buys 100 TBs for a year, then halfway through, they’re actually using 150 TBs. We’re not going to stop them at six months and say they’re over the limit. We’ll let them know and show them their usage, and we tell them at the end of the year, we’ll charge for the extra storage. So now our clients have complete visibility into their costs, and they can better manage their budgets. It’s a key benefit for us: We can offer our clients that additional growth without charging right at the start.” 

example of daily usage ccc

Custom Cloud Console showing account usage for a date range.


Wasabi object-based cloud storage has offered Pro Logic’s customers a seamless user experience, Del Campillo said. Pro Logic establishes the account and its customers just push their data out through the portal. “It’s basically set it and forget it. It’s been pretty solid.”  

Pro Logic next wants to explore how to create a bundled service for the Wasabi cloud, he added. “For example, if we sell Rubrik to a client, we’ll include Wasabi and offer 100 TBs for free. Or if we're selling it with Veeam, let's say we give you 50 TBs for free for a year. And then, once they start getting their data out there, it's the same thing the cloud providers do, offering credits for the more the clients use. We think clients will see the value pretty quickly in this approach.”  

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