Can You Move Your Data Fast Enough for 21st Century Requirements?

Jim Donovan
Jim Donovan
Senior Vice President, Product

The rise of the cloud has changed the fundamentals of how businesses buy and use infrastructure, hardware, applications, platforms, and more.

And yet on-prem infrastructure (compute, storage, tape, and more) continues to be heavily used, and simply “going to the cloud” in one giant leap is a mammoth project that is simply too complex and costly to tackle as a whole.

The challenge then, is where to start, so you can begin a clean migration to the cloud and do it sanely, quickly, and inexpensively?

On-Prem to Cloud Data Transfer Challenges

Moving large datasets that had been originally implemented on-prem often runs into a fundamental issue – the networks you have within your own organization are significantly faster than your outbound internet connection.

In the midst of a cloud migration discussion, suddenly it becomes obvious that while cloud providers have leveled up next generation cloud offerings with costs that are finally affordable, they aren’t much use if you can’t get your data to them.

Is that game over?

You are not alone, and there are a variety of options that are less expensive, time-consuming and complicated than traditional Network Service Providers (NSPs).

How Do I Get All of My Data into Wasabi as Quickly as Possible?

The number one issue we find with customers moving data from on-premises storage to the cloud is that their internet bandwidth is often not enough to move large datasets outside of the internal network. This is primarily because there had been no need to do so, as all attention on connectivity was on speeding up internal networks to support thousands of desktops, laptops and on-prem servers and storage, or on connectivity for public facing websites and ecommerce systems with their unique bandwidth requirements.

But the speed of cloud innovation is changing connectivity requirements for on-prem customers, exposing a crucial and often neglected linchpin for cloud migration.

There are many ways to bring your data to Wasabi, and you may be surprised to hear about some of these – there are both physical appliances and short-term connectivity options that didn’t exist just a few years ago that give you a much wider selection of options to choose from, essentially side-stepping the old rules of data transfer.

Top Five Data Transfer Options

  1. Public-facing Internet Connection – by far the simplest “out of the box” option to move data to/from Wasabi, and no business today can exist without an Internet connection, so worst case scenario (from a performance standpoint), it’s the “default of last resort” for customers with significant data and patience.
  2. Wasabi Direct Connect (WDX) – Looking for always available fast connectivity to Wasabi for any purpose? We’ll provide a Letter Of Authorization (LOA) to you to provide to your network service provider to provision direct connection to Wasabi. (Of all the “wired” connection options, this is the fastest performance option, and is popular for both hybrid- and multi-cloud use cases in particular) Read more about WDX
  3. Public-facing Internet Connection + Wasabi File Acceleration (WFA) – Do you have more than 100 TB and a public internet connection with regularly available bandwidth? Enterprise customers get Wasabi File Acceleration as part of the Wasabi service, which provides roughly 10x+ performance compared to a typical public internet transfer method like FTP Read more about WFA
  4. Co-location, Private Network and Exchange Providers – Partners including Equinix, Flexential, Limelight Networks, Megaport and Internet2 provide a variety of options for connectivity. These include on-demand interconnections between you, Wasabi and any other supported service on their network fabric, controlled by you within seconds thru a self-service portal; or featuring radically reduced install times (days to under 2 weeks) compared to traditional Network Service Providers (NSPs), which typically have 30 day to 90 day circuit installation times.
  5. Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance (WB) – 100 TB+ and want to move faster than any Internet connection for an initial upload? Each appliance stores roughly 100 TB, and we can ship multiple Wasabi Balls for customers with .5 PB or more data, bypassing the public internet as a bottleneck. Read more about WB

If you’d like to discuss what the best options are for both your short-term and long-term needs, Wasabi can help you cut storage costs, avoid surprises and put your data into action in the cloud in many ways. Contact us with your questions, and we’ll help you sort out the best choices for data transfer into Wasabi.

Jim Donovan
Written By

Jim Donovan

Senior Vice President, Product