Build It Your Way: A Best-of-Breed Cloud on Your Terms

David Friend
David Friend
President, CEO & Co-founder

Not long ago, enterprises made decisions on their infrastructure choices based on choosing “best-of-breed” solutions to create environments that served their specific needs with carefully chosen components.

Those choices were made for performance reasons, for budgetary reasons, and to reduce the dependence on any single vendor as a point of failure, and avoid being held hostage with annual license increases and maintenance fees.

What Was Lost in the Cloud 1.0 Movement?

With Cloud 1.0 solutions, the rush to the cloud radically limited your “best-of-breed” solutions to the choices offered by any of the individual major cloud providers.

While Amazon Web Services for example worked to broaden their cloud offerings, the innovations of any of the individual components were to integrate them more tightly with one another and expand their footprint in your business vs. providing easy choices to mix and match across cloud providers.

Customers who jumped into Cloud 1.0 found themselves with a new variation of vendor lock-in, cloud platform lock-in, and with unexpected and very real costs that make it expensive to leave.

We have a different vision in mind, and it puts you, our customer, as the focus of everything we do at Wasabi alongside our partners in the Cloud 2.0 movement.

The Vision? Unlocking the Power of Choice

At a private cloud infrastructure partner event called IFX in Las Vegas last week, we unveiled plans with our partner Equinix Metal to offer customers both “compute in the cloud” and “storage in the cloud” by integrating our respective platforms.

The purpose of the collaboration is to improve the overall experience of companies leveraging the power of independent cloud services, including for users in SaaS, data security, machine learning, adtech and other infrastructure dependent businesses.

If you aren’t familiar with Equinix Metal, they are a leading bare-metal compute cloud provider you’re going to want to get to know. We have many joint customers already, and the combination provides significantly greater performance and radically reduced costs to the cloud market.

Our companies have been focused on simplifying the experience of buying high-performance, low-cost, next-generation storage and compute respectively, and we’re not done with our innovations there.

David Friend
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David Friend

President, CEO & Co-founder