Scalable and Secure Storage for Less Allows Your VMS to Do More

Introducing Wasabi+Axis Camera Station

Jillian Murphy
Jillian Murphy
Partner Marketing Manager

Video surveillance storage is bursting at the seams. Cameras and security devices are advancing at break-neck speeds with higher resolutions and frame rates creating massive files. At the same time, industry and government regulations are requiring increases in retention periods across many verticals, while data breaches and cyber threats are in the news constantly. All of this translates to growing demand for high-capacity storage that is fast, secure, and considerably more affordable than existing solutions.

Industries including banking, education, gaming, cannabis, law enforcement and others are racing to keep up with these regulations, implementing costly upgrades to their infrastructure to remain in compliance with each new rule.

What’s not bursting at the seams, however, are organizations’ IT budgets. With resources tight, many are finding it difficult to keep up with the storage requirements created by these retention policies. On-premises storage hardware is not only expensive, but growing physical footprints lead to additional costs and complexities many don’t have the time or resources to manage.

Additionally, with cyber threats on the rise and the sensitivity of surveillance video, it’s no surprise that data security is top of mind for folks building and maintaining video surveillance systems. Integrators are charged with staying one step ahead of hackers while customers are on the line to keep their sensitive data private and secure.

Forward-thinking integrators are looking to Wasabi and Axis Communications to deliver economical, predictable video storage combining Axis Camera Station VMS on-prem systems with scalable cloud storage.

Wasabi has paired with trusted partner, Axis Communications, to offer an innovative and modern approach to video surveillance data storage with a combination of on-prem and cloud technology. The integrated solution essentially delivers a bottomless cloud to store all of your video at a low, predictable cost in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance.

AXIS Camera Station (ACS) is powerful and easy to use so anyone can manage the system, handle incidents, quickly find and export high-definition evidence and manage physical access. Now with the ability to move video to Wasabi, the amount of footage that you can store is not limited to the size of your on-premises recording database. With Wasabi, you are able to scale incrementally as your retention policy requires.

To connect AXIS Camera Station and Wasabi solutions together, a third-party file system layer from Tiger Technology known as Surveillance Bridge is used to connect the ACS file system and Wasabi S3 interface. Surveillance Bridge is a solution that works with both live recording and archive drives. Whether you store archived recordings locally or on Wasabi, you can always use AXIS Camera Station to view them.

If you or your customers are struggling with rising hardware costs or looking for flexibility in your video storage architecture, Wasabi + Axis Camera Station is a secure and cost-effective solution ready to grow with your business needs.

Stop by the Wasabi booth (#4103) at ISC West, March 23-25th in Las Vegas to learn more about how we can help!

Jillian Murphy
Written By

Jillian Murphy

Partner Marketing Manager