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AI & Cloud 2.0 Redefine Post-Production

This past week, 70,000 technologists in the Media and Entertainment industry gathered in Amsterdam for the annual IBC convention. This was the fiftieth anniversary for IBC, and it was a thrilling display of the latest solutions for content creation, acquisition and distribution. I attended half of those fifty conferences, so I can confidently say that this year’s show was one of the most significant in terms of dramatic technology shifts going on in our industry.

The movement to software-defined solutions from hardware-based platforms, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to speed and inform the production workflow, and the growing use of the cloud for collaboration and cost savings is redefining video post-production.

Moving to the cloud is a no brainer for media & entertainment. It enables collaboration for geographically distributed teams, greatly reduces costs, and provides the ability to scale as you grow. And grow you will. According to Coughlin Associates, the industry is expected to see massive growth in cloud storage—from 5,000 petabytes to more than 130,000 petabytes by 2021.

The volume of video content that production teams are tasked with producing today is matched only by the speed with which they must create, edit and publish new assets to multiple channels. That’s why introducing AI into the workflow will clearly be a boon to producers.

Imagine being able to search your entire video library for footage based on words spoken, the actor or character in the scene, a specific location, a company logo, or for red corvettes speeding along a winding road.

The media management software company, axle Video introduced just such AI capabilities at IBC. Their axle Media Cloud uses multiple video analysis engines to analyze media, compare it to a massive image-recognition database, and automatically tag and annotate video files based on specific visual information. It radically simplifies and speeds the search for footage and is an invaluable timesaver for production teams.

Wasabi recently teamed up with axle Video to offer axle Media Cloud to postproduction teams at the radical price-performance that only Wasabi hot storage can deliver. (If you haven’t heard of Wasabi, we’re the cloud storage company that offers performance speeds that are 6x faster than Amazon S3 standard, and only 1/5th the cost. This allows axle Video to offer the axle Media Cloud at breakthrough pricing, starting at only $400 per month for 10 users, with 10 terabytes of storage, and up to 10 terabytes of data download per month. To learn more about the axle Media Cloud video workflow breakthrough, please join our webinar on Wednesday, September 27th from 12pm-1pm EDT.

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