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How Will You Exploit Your Data for Profit?

Actifio, one of Wasabi’s tech alliance partners, will host its Data Driven 2018 conference in Miami Beach next week. I hope to see you there. At the event, industry thought leaders and solution experts will discuss innovative ways to manage the world’s data—often considered the “oil” of modern times for its potential to fuel the world economy.

If you do make to the event, I hope you will join me for my technical session called Leveraging Public Cloud Storage With Actifio + Wasabi on Tuesday, June 5th at 3 PM. Our two companies are working together on a range of premises-to-cloud and next-generation SaaS solutions for a variety of industry verticals. Our session covers best practices for cloud migration, the industry trends driving enterprise adoption of cloud, and how leading companies are embracing the Actifio Sky Platform and Wasabi Hot Cloud object storage as part of their digital transformation.

I’m looking forward to hearing from speakers and attendees about how they’re using tools like Actifio’s and Wasabi’s to better control and exploit their data for business advantage. After all, unlike oil, just having data in mass quantities isn’t what makes it so valuable. The value lies in being able to access the data whenever you need it, then quickly analyzing and acting on it for positive business outcomes.

Learn New Tricks

Wasabi and Actifio are both in the business of helping you remain in control of your data while you reduce data management costs and mitigate risk. Actifio customers will be on hand during panel sessions next week to describe how they are using Actifio’s “data as a service” to virtualize data, eliminate redundancies, and repurpose unique data for multiple data management applications.

For our part, Wasabi hot cloud storage is both inexpensive and fast, letting you access your data with performance that surpasses its nearest storage competitor, Amazon S3, by 6-fold—and to do so as often as you like with no egress charges, an industry first.

Together, Wasabi and Actifio enable you to slash data storage and management expenses, streamline operations, and improve data protection. We also help you address compliance challenges, such as the Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), which has now gone into effect across the European Union. The GDPR has significant implications on how any company serving EU customers designs, manages, stores, and protects data.

In addition to my session on leveraging public cloud storage, you’ll also find a session devoted to compliance issues as GDPR takes hold and the world continues to sort out the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data “hijack.” Both events have put data security, compliance, and privacy squarely in the spotlight of every board’s agenda and IT budget. During the compliance session on June 6, you’ll hear security experts describe the new threat landscape and how to build security, privacy, and compliance into the operational fabric of your business.

Learn all this and more, as you discover how Actifio enables you to use Wasabi for primary storage for application data, secondary storage for data protection, and cold storage for data archival—all managed through a common framework.

See you in Miami Beach!

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