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Hybrid-Cloud Architecture for Surveillance Video Storage - Slash Storage Cost and Complexity with Wasabi and Tiger Technology

Key Features

  • Fast and reliable cloud access
  • Share video between global locations
  • Durable storage for video archive and regulatory compliance


  • Slash storage cost and complexity
  • Reduce on-site equipment footprint
  • Replicate video to the cloud for backup
  • Recover video from the cloud in cases of on-site drive failure

Move on-site video files to cloud object storage, taking advantage of the cost and capacity benefits of the cloud

Growth in camera proliferation, high resolution video, and longer retention periods are creating a storage burden for organizations involved with video surveillance. Conventional tape libraries and other on-site storage solutions are too expensive and complex, and for many organizations, just don’t want to manage them anymore.

More security organizations and businesses are beginning to adopt cloud storage as a way to reduce the burden of surveillance video storage costs. As they do so, one of the main obstacles they face is converting a file-based structure to cloud object storage. AWS’s S3 API has quickly become the defacto standard for accessing cloud services. However, most Video Management Software (VMS) applications, servers, and storage devices lack a native S3 interface to cloud storage, leaving surveillance teams unable to access inexpensive cloud object storage services.

Tiger Technology’s Bridge to the Cloud

Modern surveillance architectures are creating flexibility for where video is stored and how it is accessed. Footage may be stored in different locations depending on retention and compliance requirements. For instance, live camera data may be stored locally while also being replicated continuously to the cloud. Embracing this hybrid-cloud model for surveillance solves the problem of storing increasing amounts of video footage in the most cost-effective way. However, most VMS vendors lack public cloud support as a built-in feature, making it difficult for organizations to take advantage of the cloud’s cost and capacity benefits.

Tiger Technology’s Tiger Bridge solution, an enterprise-class, kernel-based software-only file management solution, seamlessly extends local storage to the cloud. Tiger Bridge provides the fastest possible disaster recovery by replicating all critical video files to the cloud. Tiger Bridge natively supports the S3 API, allowing for instant transfers of video files to and from Wasabi.

The demand for more cameras, longer retention periods and the higher resolution has dramatically increased storage requirements. The seamless integration of Tiger Bridge with any VMS makes the local storage appear unlimited while saving up to 80% compared to on-premises hardware.

Save local space by moving older and rarely accessed files to the Cloud

Upon creation, video surveillance files are actively being accessed by the VMS, analytics and other applications. As time goes on, these files are accessed far less often, unless tagged as ‘critical’ due to an incident. Ultimately, 75 to 90 percent of all video files are rarely accessed, but still take up a significant amount of space. Why not move them to the cloud to make more room for more current video footage? With Tiger Technology and Wasabi’s seamless S3 integration, these older and less accessed video files can be seamlessly moved to the cloud for immediate access when required.

How it Works

Move on-site video files to cloud object storage, taking advantage of the cost and capacity benefits of the cloud

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast and reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors. Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. Not only is Wasabi 80% less expensive to store video recordings than traditional cloud providers, but there are also no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi keeps all files “hot” so it can be accessed in milliseconds. All Tiger Technologies and Wasabi customers can treat their video files as hot, so they can shorten upload times and quickly access their video files with faster retrieval times.

About Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology has been developing software and designing high-performance, secure, data management solutions for companies in Surveillance, Enterprise IT, Media and Entertainment, and SMB/SME markets since 2004. Customers are using Tiger solutions in over 120 countries. Tiger Technology enables organizations of any size and scale to intelligently manage their digital assets on-premises, public cloud, or in a hybrid model.