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Wasabi Provides Seamless Cloud Storage Access for Adobe Premiere Pro Users

Key Features

  • Seamless access to Wasabi hot cloud storage within Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Low cost cloud storage with no ancillary charges
  • LucidLink file system for rapid access to media and project collaboration
  • Bottomless active archive in the cloud


  • Reduced storage costs
  • Accelerated production workflows
  • Simultaneous collaboration on Premiere Pro projects
  • Long term, secure archival storage

Editing video has come a long way from cutting and splicing together spools of 35mm film strips. Editors today work with cutting edge software and high-definition footage to bring videos to life. The rise of 4K and 8K video resolutions, High Dynamic Range, and increasing frame rates are exponentially increasing the sizes of video files. While these advances in videography are great for audiences, the enormous files they generate are difficult for video producers to manage and store. Local NAS drives are expensive and fill up quickly, and the egress fees imposed by many cloud vendors limit overall cost savings and make it difficult to accurately forecast production storage expenditures.

Wasabi Offers Instant File Retrieval and Collaborative Functionality for Editing in Premiere

Cloud adoption within the media and entertainment industry has been tempered by expensive and inefficient solutions. Wasabi hot cloud storage, now certified with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, offers video editors access to Wasabi’s low cost, high performance cloud storage without ever leaving the Premiere Pro environment.

Premiere Pro users are now able to view available video segments in Wasabi hot cloud storage and drag and drop them directly into a Premiere Pro project just as they would any other file, thereby delivering a seamless experience to the Adobe user. Wasabi’s storage is 80% less than Amazon S3 with no ancillary charges, enabling more extensive media libraries in the cloud at a fraction of the cost. Wasabi also performs faster than the competition and is made more efficient by leveraging the LucidLink file system to bridge the Premiere environment and Wasabi object storage providing rapid access to video segments stored in the cloud.

Improved Video Collaboration

Using LucidLink with Wasabi accelerates asset retrieval and enables new capabilities within Premiere. With this integration, multiple users will be able to access the same project files and assets, allowing for a simplified collaborative workflow. Intelligent object chunking and separation of video files and metadata ensures optimal performance. This is a capability that is only viable with a storage service like Wasabi; this same solution run on AWS would rack up untold API request charges. Since Wasabi does not charge for API requests or data egress, creative collaboration can flow freely. This collaborative functionality streamlines editing workflows and opens up new pathways for editors to meet their production deadlines and stay within budget.

Affordable Active Archive for Finished Work

For finished work, Wasabi hot cloud storage serves as a truly active archive where all stored assets are immediately available for future reference and repurposing. With Wasabi, completed projects can be stored cost effectively in the cloud, accessed without friction or added expense, and protected in the most diligent manner. Providing 11 x 9s of data durability with the option to enable immutability at the bucket level, Wasabi ensures that your data will never be lost to human error, system failure, or other causes. Wasabi also serves as a secure off-premise storage vault removed from local disasters that could strike a production facility.

Wasabi Provides Seamless Cloud Storage Access for Adobe Premiere Pro Users

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi’s innovative technology delivers cloud storage that scales infinitely, is easy to use, has better performance, and is up to 80% less expensive than leading cloud alternatives. Wasabi’s simple, tier-free pricing structure makes it easy to understand your bill. And with no charges for egress or API requests, you can freely download your data with the certainty that it will not affect your monthly statement. In combination with Adobe Premiere Pro, Wasabi enables creators and storytellers to deliver the best finished product at the lowest possible price in the shortest time frame.

About Adobe

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more information, visit the Adobe website. Adobe Premiere Pro is the first choice of editing software for professionals. It is increasingly becoming the industry-standard program used around the world among major studios and independent content creators alike. Adobe Premiere Pro offers a suite of powerful editing tools capable of creating stunning video. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro integrates seamlessly with other programs in the lineup such as After Effects, Audition, and Illustrator.