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Simplify scalability for Wisenet WAVE surveillance solutions with hybrid cloud storage

Key Features

  • Predictable cloud storage
  • Seamless backup and archiving of video recordings to Wasabi
  • Industry leading data security and durability
  • Preserve key video system evidence off site


  • Maintain video data integrity during defined retention periods
  • Simplify large system backup and recovery
  • Endless scalability for growth with your organization
  • Optimized for Wisenet WAVE video management software

Simple, secure, and scalable storage for video surveillance recordings

Hanwha’s video technology makes it possible to use video surveillance not only for security and safety, but to cost-effectively monitor operations for business optimization and process improvement. The open architecture of Hanwha’s video management system, Wisenet WAVE, means that organizations can implement custom solutions and incorporate new technology as business needs change and grow. With surveillance cameras and analytical applications becoming prevalent every day, the amount of valuable data being captured is greater than ever. Not only is surveillance video causing an increase in storage capacity requirements, but surveillance systems are prime targets for cyber threats due to the sensitive nature of recorded video.

By leveraging a combination of on-prem and cloud technology, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud with Hanwha’s Wisenet Wave VMS provides a highly secure repository that supports high camera counts, high-definition resolutions, high frame rates, and long retention periods. This architecture is designed to provide high reliability and availability to meet the demands of video surveillance deployments while protecting video with the strongest security practices.

Connect. View. Manage. Grow.

Wisenet WAVE is the ultimate VMS solution for security projects in the mid-market, focused on simplifying the user experience. As an endlessly customizable IP video management platform, Wisenet WAVE gives users the ability to create tailored networked video solutions for any type of security need.

As cyber threats become more prevalent, organizations can implement a secure way to backup or archive surveillance video without breaking the budget. By moving video off-site, the amount of recordings that you can store is not limited to the size of the on-premises recording database. With Wasabi, you are able to scale incrementally as your retention policy requires. Users also have the ability to make copies of video and store them in the cloud. Whether that’s the whole video library or specific files, organizations will have the peace of mind that in the case of a disaster, video files can be rehydrated on the original or new server in a matter of minutes.

To connect the Wisenet WAVE and Wasabi solution together, a third party file system layer is used to connect the video file system and Wasabi S3 interface. This provides a uniform shared, global file system namespace across any Hanwha device connected to Wasabi. With the file system layer, Wasabi object storage performs as a high-performance, file system volume shared, that is accessible from anywhere. From a high-level perspective, it functions like a network attached storage or file server, but both the clients and data repository can be located anywhere.

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Video Storage Costs That Are Predictable

From a cost perspective Wisenet WAVE combined with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud storage provides a cloud storage environment for high quality video surveillance infrastructures, including high-definition and megapixel environments. While it’s true that digital video consumes a significant amount of space, it’s not so much the storage footprint that makes cloud storage impractical for security and surveillance companies, but rather the egress fees charged to customers to access their stored recordings. With Wasabi, there are no fees for egress or API requests. There is only one line item on your bill and that is for storage used.

Safe, Secure, and Tamper-Proof

Wasabi is deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. The service is architected in accordance with industry-best security models and design practices. Organizations can configure their or storage buckets to be immutable for a user defined retention period (in increments of days, weeks, months or years). Designated video files written to that bucket cannot be deleted or altered in any way, by anyone, throughout its storage lifetime. Immutability can help with compliance for state and local government regulations.

About Hanwha

Hanwha Techwin is a leading manufacturer in the security industry, demonstrating consistent growth for more than 40 years. Hanwha Techwin is part of the Hanwha Group, a fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea. In operation for over 60 years, the Hanwha Group has gained manufacturing expertise and in-depth market knowledge in producing the highest quality, precision products serving aerospace, defense and security industries.