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Globus delivers advanced file transfer and sharing capabilities to researchers on your campus no matter where their data lives

Fast, reliable data movement and management are more important than ever, as organizations struggle to ensure their infrastructure can keep pace with the demands of the exascale era. Collaboration on ever-increasing datasets requires tools that are engineered for high performance, yet easy for researchers and scientists to use.

Flexible cloud storage tools for the world's more affordable cloud storage service

Wasabi hot cloud storage is incredibly affordable and fast cloud object storage for any purpose. And Actifio Sky is an enterprise-class data management platform that decouples data from physical storage, eliminates siloed management practices and point products, and delivers superior economics, agility and simplicity. The integrated Actifio Sky and Actifio Go plus Wasabi hot cloud storage solution can help you slash data storage and management expenses, streamline operations, and improve data protection.