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Offer your customers freedom from unpredictable pricing, freedom from complexity, freedom from worry. We'll handle the storage, you be the hero.

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Storage so simple it sells itself

When you sell cloud storage without the complex tiers, high costs, and unpredictable fees, the possibilities for your customers are endless. With Wasabi, you can help your customers store more and do more with their data.


  • Low per-TB pricing with no additional fees help partners win more deals  

  • Reserved Capacity Storage pricing model provides additional ways to increase margins

  • Simple to understand and pitch to prospects

Easy add-on

  • Easily attach to services you already sell to increase revenue

  • Low-cost, high-impact solution for backup and archiving  

  • Integration with 350+ leading applications

Customer demand

  • Wasabi is a trusted and growing worldwide brand

  • Wasabi has an impressive customer retention rate – renewals made easy  

  • Infinite storage scalability with the ability to cross-sell for continued growth 


Recognize immediate impact to your bottom line

Our affordable hot cloud storage and powerful management tools enable MSPs to earn high margins and still charge less than traditional cloud storage service providers. 

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Do the math

See the incredible savings for yourself. Use our cost calculator to compare our flat-rate ($6.99 per TB/month) Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage against the hyperscalers' current rates.

Actual fees depend on a number of variables, including actual usage, API requests, and geographic location.

And now with Reserved Capacity Storage, you can purchase cloud storage in 1, 3, or 5-year increments for greater discounts for term and capacity.

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Partner Spotlight

High margin cloud services for MSPs with Probax + Wasabi

With Probax’s multi-tenant, multi-vendor platform, managing and protecting data from multiple sites and organizations has never been easier.

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The Probax partnership with Wasabi has enabled us to rapidly offer the most compelling price points on the market. Importantly, this new pricing represents maximum margin gain for our North American MSP partners.

Sam Meegahage, CEO – Probax

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