Why We Launched Wasabi Cloud Storage Client for Mac and Windows

With today’s announcement of Wasabi Cloud Storage Client for Mac & Windows, you don’t have to understand how to use APIs to take advantage of the industry’s most affordable and highest performing cloud storage. We made it drag-and-drop easy. Here’s why we did it, and how it’s different from all the other cloud storage “drives” on the market.

Most people just want to move files in and out of storage

When we designed Wasabi hot cloud storage, we made the decision to make it 100% compatible with the Amazon S3 API. We viewed the S3 API as an emerging de facto standard for object storage. Hundreds of existing software applications already use the S3 API, so they would automatically work on Wasabi.

However, for every geek who knows how to use the S3 API, there are countless nontechnical employees that simply want to move files into safe long-term storage. Today, most of us use an external hard drive or desktop NAS device. Or, we use one of the many consumer file-sharing cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The problem with external drives

When you plug in an external hard drive or NAS device, they “magically” appear on your computer. You simply drag files and folders in or out of the drive just like any other folder. Programs on your computer, like word processing or photo editors, can directly address the external storage.

However, external drives are not very reliable. When they break, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your data. Or, you’ll pay a pretty penny to get your data back. Unlike cloud storage, these devices usually sit right next to your computer. If there’s a fire, flood, or thief, you could lose both your computer and your external storage. (I have a friend who has had so many bad experiences with external storage devices that he makes a duplicate set that he takes to his bank once a week for safe keeping!)

They are really easy to use, though. And everyone knows how to use them. So, we thought, “Why can’t we make our industrial-strength cloud storage this easy to use?” That’s what we have done with Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows.

Here’s how Wasabi for Mac & Windows works

Download the free app for either Windows or Mac from our website. This small app will create two virtual disk drives on your computer: “Wasabi” and “Wasabi Immutable” (which we’ll discuss shortly). They appear and work just like an external hard drive–you can drag files and folders in and out, or point your applications to write and read directly to and from Wasabi.

Your files are stored in the Wasabi cloud where they are physically safe off-premises. Instead of one copy stored on an external drive next to your computer, Wasabi’s 11 nines of durability means your data is copied to 20 different disk drive targets in our storage vaults. You can also install Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows on other computers to share one common storage area wherever you go.

Never lose a file with Wasabi Immutable

Our Immutability feature is unique to Wasabi and an important feature that’s not available with the consumer cloud drives. Immutability means that a file, once written, cannot be deleted or modified by anyone–not by malware, software bugs, hackers, Wasabi engineers–not even by you.

Most data loss is due to accidental deletions or maliciousness. If you store data in an immutable drive, any attempt to delete or overwrite a file will result in an error message. You can set the length of time for immutability yourself (the default is one year). At the end of that set time, you can either delete your file or make it immutable for an additional period.

Consumer cloud drives are particularly vulnerable to accidental data loss since deletions and overwrites quickly propagate to all copies of your data. It’s important to understand that Wasabi is not a consumer file-sharing product. It’s fast, secure, extremely reliable and affordable enterprise-grade storage to keep important data safe and organizations compliant with government and industry regulations.

Industrial-strength cloud storage for the masses

Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows is industrial-strength cloud storage that’s simple enough for anyone to use. Larger companies that are accustomed to buying large-scale storage for their own data centers can store their data in Wasabi for less than the cost of the maintenance for similar on-premises storage from companies like NetApp, IBM, or Hewlett Packard!

  • Hospitals are keeping their medical records and medical imaging in Wasabi immutable storage to save money and remain HIPAA compliant.
  • Movie studios and video production companies are using Wasabi as active video archives–lowering their costs while speeding access to footage in long-term storage.
  • Universities are keeping student records in immutable storage with very long expiration periods because 20 years from now someone may need access to those records. We have municipal governments doing the same thing with all kinds of public records, tax data, and the like.

I hope you’ll take a minute to download Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to install and use. All you need is an email address and a password.

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