Wasabi Technical Documentation is provided to assist with the use of the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage service.

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Wasabi Management Console Getting Started Guide

  • This document provides a quick overview of basic Wasabi features with procedures for new and prospective users.  This guide introduces you to basic Wasabi features that include account sign-up/sign-in, storage bucket creation, user account creation, and access key creation.



Wasabi Management Console User Guide

  • This document provides a description of all Wasabi features.   This guide covers and expands on the information provided in the Getting Started Guide.



Wasabi API Reference Guide

  • This document provides a description of the Wasabi APIs for storage and identity access management.  This guide introduces you to the basics of the Wasabi APIs and how they relate to the Amazon Web Services S3 and IAM APIs.



Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance Quick Start Guide

  • This document provides instructions on how to use the Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance for use cases involved in moving data from customer storage environments to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.


Wasabi Cloud NAS Administration Guide

  • This Guide provides details about Wasabi Cloud NAS features with procedures for new and experienced users