ESG: The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness 

If your company was hit with a ransomware attack tomorrow, how long will it take to be back up and running? 

According to the ESG ransomware preparedness survey, many organizations are financially impacted by attacks on their operations but remain confused about security and data protection policies, and who should be responsible for ensuring they’re implemented correctly. 

 ESG asked hundreds of organizations of all sizes their levels of readiness to: 

  • Understand the proactive and reactive measures organizations have in place to defend against the ransomware threat.  

  • Examine the state of ransomware mitigation best practices across readiness, prevention, response, and recovery phases.  

  • Segment the levels of ransomware preparedness for all key defense phases.  

  • Identify the priorities and plans associated with mitigating the ransomware threat in the coming 12-18 months. 

Among the findings, ESG said security gap mitigation, funding priorities, and recovery time are key to preventing attacks and restoring mission-critical data. Read the full report to see how you can better protect your company.

See how your peers are managing ransomware threats. Download the report  to learn more.