Enabling/Disabling Bucket Versioning

Versioning is a way to maintain multiple variations of an object in the same bucket. When versioning is enabled, you can then retrieve and restore any version of an object in the bucket. This provides protection against inadvertent removal of an object (such as by overwriting or expiration).

   Note:   Use versioning cautiously because when versioning is enabled, different versions of all the objects in the bucket are saved and added to your total data storage costs. This means the costs could be very high, eventu­ally, as versions are stored. For additional information, refer to: wasabi.com/pricing.

  1. Click three_dots.png for the bucket and click Settings.

  2. On the PROPERTIES panel, open the Versioning drop-down.

  3. Slide to enable the Enable bucket versioning option.

  4. Review the note about versioning:


If you are sure you want to enable versioning for the selected bucket, click TOGGLE. The slide option appears blue:  blue_active.png


When versioning is enabled, you can click versioning_toggle.png in the upper right of the Objects list to toggle between display­ing and hiding file versions in the list of objects. As described in Storing Objects in a Bucket, objects in a bucket are listed with an icon that indicates the file type, such as for text file_icon1.png, graphics file_icon.png, and media file_icon2.png. The icon is veresion.png if the file is a version.