Enabling/Disabling Bucket Logging

Logging creates a text log file of all access to the bucket.

   Note:   Use logging cautiously because when logging is enabled, all log files are saved. This means the costs could be high, eventually, as log files are stored. For additional information, refer to: wasabi.com/pricing.

  1. Click three_dots.png for the bucket and click Settings.

  2. On the PROPERTIES panel, open the Logging drop-down.

  3. Slide to enable the Enable Bucket Logging option. The slide option appears blue:  blue_active.png

  4. Enter the name of a Target Bucket in which to store log files. Click in this field to select from a list of buckets.

  5. Enter a Logging Prefix to include in the log file name. Each log file will start with the characters you enter.

  6. logging.png 

  7. Click SAVE SETTINGS to confirm your settings.