Enabling Compliance

The Compliance feature prevents the deletion of any objects and provides additional information to prove that the original data is not modified since the time it was stored. The compliance feature may be required for certain regulatory needs, but it is also useful to prevent accidental deletion. You can lock compliance mode on to prevent disabling it. However, once it is locked on, compliance mode cannot be unlocked without the intervention of Wasabi Customer Support. This restriction is for your data protection as part of Wasabi’s immutable bucket feature.

Use the compliance feature cautiously. Inappropriate use of this feature will restrict your ability to delete storage buckets and associated files, which will result in storage charges for these objects.

   Note:   With compliance mode enabled, all versions of your files will be saved and added to your total data storage costs. For additional information, refer to: wasabi.com/pricing.

  1. Click three_dots.png for the bucket and click Settings.

  2. Click the COMPLIANCE tab. The Compliance panel is displayed. For example:

  3. compliance_1.png 

  4. Move the on/off slider to set compliance.
    When compliance is enabled, the slide option appears blue: blue_toggle_2.png
    When compliance is disabled, the slide option appears gray: toggle-off.png

  5. Enable the option to Delete After Retention. This will retain the objects for the number of days that you specify (in the next step) and then automatically delete them after that time period.

  6. Enter the number of days/weeks/months/years (Time Scale) after which objects will be deleted automati­cally.

  7. compliance_2.png 

  8. Click SAVE.

  9. Optionally, you can lock compliance mode.

   Important:   Lock compliance mode after careful consideration. Once locked, the only way to unlock this mode is to con­tact Wasabi Support.

To lock compliance mode, click the LOCK COMPLIANCE button.

A confirmation message requests that you agree to the terms of locking compliance mode. Type the word “agree” to continue.


Click LOCK to confirm that you want to lock compliance mode.

When compliance is locked, you must contact Wasabi Customer Support if you want to release the hold on the data.