Assigning an Access Key

An access key is used to make programmatic calls to AWS API actions. There are two types of access keys:

Access Key ID

Secret Access Key

Access keys are used to make secure REST or Query protocol requests to the Wasabi service API. The Wasabi S3 endpoint is (See also the Wasabi Knowledge Base for service URLs for differ­ent regions.) If using Cyberduck, for example as shown below, you would need to enter the appropriate keys in the “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key” fields. This is an example of one of many applications that can connect to the Wasabi endpoint.


For your protection, you should never share your secret keys with anyone. In addition, industry best practice recommends frequent key rotation.

To assign an access key and secret key to a user:

  1. On the Users panel, click on Arthur. The User panel is displayed. For example:

  2. users_12.png 

  3. Notice that several tools are provided at the bottom of the panel to modify the user account. Select User Access Keys.

  4. users_15.png 

  5. Click CREATE NEW ACCESS KEY. A unique access key for the user is displayed. For example:

  6. users_16.png 

    Be sure to copy this key and store it is a safe place. Notice that two buttons are provided to conveniently download the key as a CSV file or copy the key to the clipboard (and then paste it into a file to save).

    To show the Secret Key, click the Show link. For example:


  7. After saving the keys, click X.

The access key is displayed. For example: