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Unitrends is a backup and continuity solution that can be used with Wasabi

Unitrends and Wasabi have partnered to help businesses drastically cut storage costs and improve data protection. Automatically move infrequently accessed data to Wasabi to free up primary storage capacity, shrink their backup footprint, and better align storage costs with data value.

Unlimited Capacity, Security, and Control

Unitrends combines best-of-breed backup and disaster recovery, with security and automation technologies and services, making 100% recovery confidence achievable for all businesses.  The all-in-one solution addresses all workloads (including data center, endpoint, SaaS, and cloud), provides end-to-end protection against cybercrime and human error

Wasabi serves as a highly durable and infinitely scalable repository for archival data that can be accessed at nearline speeds that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.