Cloud Storage for Application Development

Don't let storage costs eat all your profits.


Managing storage as you create software.

Controlling application development and testing costs is a primary goal for every organization. Storage can be a significant component of your cost structure, depending on how much data your applications generate. And high-performance access to storage can improve time-to-production, improve application quality, and lower costs.

Storing your apps and app-generated data where they cannot be compromised is another challenge, so you need a storage solution that is secure.

Wasabi Solution

Wasabi Hot Storage scales right alongside your needs at utility pricing. So you don’t have to concern yourself with virtual machine (VM) density as you create multiple virtualized storage environments for development and testing. Or worry about the cost. Wasabi protects your stored code against accidental or malicious changes and deletions. And Wasabi provides top performance in getting your app dev tools, stored code, Big Data, and components in and out of storage.

Paying 80 percent less for storage may be just what your application needs to reach profitability.
Access your tools, stored code, and data up to 6x faster than S3 to improve your time to market.
Immutable buckets make sure your master code is never corrupted, altered, or deleted.

Application Development Cases

Whether you need maximum performance for data-intensive applications or extremely low-cost storage to maximize your budget, Wasabi's next-generation hot storage is a smart alternative to legacy cloud storage.

Item 1

Performance is everything.

Consumers will abandon a web page if it takes 3 seconds or more to load. So performance of data-intensive web pages is of utmost importance. With storage performance that’s up to 6x faster than Amazon S3, you can be sure that your customers and development teams can access pages instantly.

As they create pages, developers can take instant, space-efficient snapshots of individual development and test virtual machines (VMs) without any performance impact. You’ll be able to replicate these snapshots and save them in Wasabi Hot Storage for business continuity or archive them for fast retrieval.

Protecting master code

Data protection of the software development and test environment is also a key goal. Safely storing copies of your completed master code – and being able to access it quickly – is essential for protecting your valuable software assets. And that’s what you get with Wasabi.

Item 2

Why let the high price of storage ruin a good thing?

Offering a free social or mobile app to consumers so you can make money on advertising sales is a viable development strategy. But if your app burns through storage space, like many image-intensive and social-sharing sites do, you might run out of cash before you build an audience large enough to bring in revenue. With typical cloud storage prices as high as they are, you might never reach profitability.

Wasabi Hot Storage, on the other hand, makes it economically possible for entrepreneurs to store what they need to store while they are in the early stages of building a user base. So you can afford to hang in there until the revenues start rolling in.

Built-in app integrity

Insecure data storage is one of the largest problems associated with the integrity of a mobile app. Preventing any data leakage is a major challenge all mobile application developers must face, whether it is financial information, login data, or healthcare records.

When your apps and app-generated data are stored with Wasabi, they’re impervious to hacking, alteration, and theft. No one can touch it or change it until you give the word.

Item 3

Now you can keep it all.

Backup and archiving both potentially consume a lot of storage, depending on the size of the backup and how long you keep it. The cost of archiving your software, in particular, can play a huge role in your overall app development cost structure, as it represents the storage of valuable assets.  Why not get it for 80 percent less than the going rate?

When selecting storage, consider how easy it will be to deploy new development and test environments with the right performance mix so that the storage I/O of any one VM will not impact any other VM.

That’s what you get with Wasabi: performance that’s up to 6x faster and at a price that’s 80 percent less expensive than Amazon S3. With immutability and security built right in.

Item 4

Accelerate past the storage speed bumps.

Agile DevTest processes help startups launch new mobile apps and web-based services quickly and cost-effectively. They also help enterprises accelerate the pace of innovation and boost business results. And they offer a way for independent software vendors (ISVs) to improve their time to market.

Yet many such development organizations have hit roadblocks when it comes to paying the data storage expenses that accompany their agile DevTest processes.

With Wasabi Hot Storage, that problem disappears.

We make cloud storage a simple, open-standard commodity and utility—just like electricity. With our Hot Storage, you store and retain development, integration, test, and production data at a radically low cost while satisfying stringent security, durability, and compliance requirements. You pay just a flat $.0059/GB/month—a fifth the cost of Amazon S3—and access it at speeds up to 6x faster than Amazon S3.

Item 5

Top performance at scale.

All types and sizes of organizations build applications that use big data and analytics, from financial firms that analyze the stock market to police departments tracking crime trends. What Big Data apps have in common is that they often deal with very large unstructured data sets and tend to be dependent on rapid analytics that provide answers in seconds.

Big data storage, then, must scale to handle very large data volumes and provide enough input/output operations per second to keep pace with analytics tools. Wasabi Hot Storage gets you there by letting you scale to meet demand quickly, easily, and affordably.

We make sure storing big data from the applications you build is no longer cost-prohibitive, regardless of your business size. Our amazing price point—80 percent less than Amazon S3—meets your budget goals. And what about performance?  You can rest assured that I/O will keep pace with your analytics tools: Wasabi Hot Storage delivers a 6x read/write speed advantage over Amazon S3.

From data warehousing to clickstream analytics to IoT processing, confidently and rapidly scale any big data application with no large upfront investments. Provision what you need and pay only for what you use.

Item 6

Managing costs is a fundamental concern for any application development organization, and escalating storage expenses don’t help the cause. Traditional on-premises data storage solutions are notoriously costly to deploy, scale, and manage. Plus, they require upfront capital investments, pricey maintenance contracts and, often, specially trained staff. While cloud storage services like Amazon S3 alleviate some of the burden by eliminating the need to buy and manage on-site equipment, these early offerings remain too costly and complex for many commercial software developers.

But with Wasabi Hot Storage, you can now quit worrying about the data storage budget. Wasabi makes cloud storage a utility with simple commodity pricing. You can maintain massive datasets in the cloud and scale at an incredibly affordable cost—a flat $.0049/GB/month.  Period. No complex, tiered plans to figure out and apply.

And you get the performance you need with an up to 6x read-write speed advantage over Amazon S3, with significantly faster time-to-first-byte. What do you give up? Nothing: You get extreme durability and integrity. Wasabi is engineered to provide 11 nines of object durability and data immutability ensures your master code is never corrupted, altered, or destroyed.

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