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From web, social and mobile apps, to machine data, video, and high-resolution images. Wasabi offers fast, reliable object storage at a massive scale. All at minimal, flat-rate pricing.


Long-term archives. Or primary storage. Wasabi is ideal for anyone interested in a simple, no-guesswork solution for storing all of their unstructured data with game-changing prices, performance and protection.

Item 1

The more data you keep, the more insights you gain.

Big data analytics is driving everything from faster, better decision making to predictive machine maintenance and automated customer responses. An organization’s ability to compete now depends on its ability to mine ever larger and more diverse datasets for insights.

you need speed and lots of room to grow

The world churns out 2.5 exabytes of new data every day, and most of it is unstructured. That makes cloud object storage, with its unlimited capacity and elasticity, ideal for solving your big data storage challenges. Unfortunately, standard access tiers, such as Amazon S3, can get expensive fast. And the glacial speeds of low-cost cold storage are detrimental to a mission of agile decision making.

Cloud storage built for big data

Wasabi is up to six times faster than Amazon S3 at 1/5th the price. And unlike the other guys, we don’t charge for API calls like PUT, GET, and DELETE, which can often add 25-30 percent more to your total costs.

Why pay for slow, cold storage solutions like Amazon Glacier, when you can store everything in Wasabi for less money, and access your data in minutes, not hours.

Item 2

The least expensive and most secure way to prepare for the worst.

Backing up to the cloud is a smart idea. Wasabi provides secure, scalable, and reliable cloud storage at a fraction of the price of Amazon S3. That makes it ideal for backing up everything from mission-critical databases and applications, to all your high-resolution images and media.

Immunity from Ransomware

Wasabi is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability, and is secure by default, with ACL-based user authentication, and AES 256 encryption of data at rest. And we offer easy-to-configure immutable buckets that make you impervious to hackers, accidental changes, or deletions. With immutability turned on, no one – you, Wasabi, or hackers—can delete or change your data.

Ideal solution for a multicloud strategy

If you’re already using the cloud for your primary storage, backing up a second copy with Wasabi is the smartest and simplest way to ensure continuity and protect your data.

Item 3

Hot storage at cold storage prices!

If you think about it, data archiving is really a cost-control strategy. As data volumes increase, primary storage gets expensive–even in the cloud. So you need to identify data that is no longer being used–but is important to save or is required for regulatory compliance–and move it to a lower-cost storage tier.

big data calls for new archive strategy

In the world of big data analytics, where insights are gained by examining trends in multiple, otherwise unrelated datasets, no data is considered cold data.


in-place archive for less the cost of cold storage

With Wasabi’s universal hot storage, there are no storage tiers, so no need to consider what to archive and what data you may need to access quickly. All your data is available when you need it, for less than cold storing in Amazon Glacier. And at performance speeds that are up to 6x faster than Amazon S3.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in today. Data is the force that drives it. That’s why we invented Wasabi hot storage. We want you to be able to affordably store and quickly retrieve all of your data, whenever you need it. Because you can’t gain insights from data you threw away.

Application Development

Application Development

Websites, mobile apps, and corporate applications

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Machine-generated data from sensors and IoT

Government and Education

Government and Education

Public records, police cameras, museum archives

Scientific Research

Scientific Research

Big data research from the micro to macro

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Genomics, microscopy and high-resolution imaging

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Content development, archiving, and delivery

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