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Network Optix Nx VMS with Wasabi Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

Key Features

  • A full-stack (Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Server) IP video management solution

  • Scale your IP video surveillance system to any size across any number of sites

  • Develop custom VSaaS solutions for any market or application with open developer tools


  • Lower up-front costs by reducing on-prem storage needs

  • Increase retention period of captured footage to any duration

  • Create custom retention rules to create a custom-tailored cloud storage solution

Network Optix (Nx) helps companies create custom, cutting edge, full-stack IP video management solutions for any application. Whether you’re using Nx Witness VMS to create customized surveillance solutions or building your own white-label surveillance solution through the Powered by NX VSaaS product, you have the tools you need to successfully manage and mitigate risk in real time. Nx Meta, with Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Server applications, was created to help organizations rapidly develop intelligent computer-vision enabled Powered by Nx video products that are enterprise ready.

Combining Wasabi cloud storage with Powered by Nx products creates a unique, cloud storage-enabled IP Video management solution which can be used to:

  • Lower on-prem storage needs and costs by moving surveillance video off-site
  • Enable unlimited storage archive retention periods to meet compliance requirements
  • Empower organizations to mitigate risk from ransomware or other threats by moving high value video from on-prem archives to secure object-based cloud storage
  • Capture, analyze and upload surveillance video from over 600 IP camera manufacturers and 11,000 devices for maximum flexibility and scalability

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast, and reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors. Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and data immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. Not only is Wasabi 80% less expensive to store data than traditional cloud providers, but there are also no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi keeps all data “hot” so it can be accessed in milliseconds. All Network Optix and Wasabi customers can treat their data as hot data, so they can shorten upload windows and quickly access their data for faster restore times.

Network Optix Powered by Nx VMS software with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud