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What are the biggest obstacles faced when moving to to the cloud?

We asked the nation’s leading sports industry professionals for their thoughts on the cloud. Here is what they said, along with our takeaways from that data.

#1 Obstacle

Amount of data being stored

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#2 Obstacle


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#3 Obstacle

In-house knowledge to execute

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Where are you on your journey to the cloud?

Over half of respondents said they have more than 25% of their data in the cloud already, and 0% said that they have no plans to move to the cloud.


Just have a few projects in the cloud


Have plans to move to the cloud but are not there yet


Of respondents are storing a quarter or more of their data in the cloud


Most important factors to evaluate in a cloud vendor?

Here respondents ranked their most important features to consider when selecting a cloud service.

1. Security

2. Performance

3. Price

4. Additional Fees