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Deploying unbreakable object storage from the core to the edge to the cloud with Scality and Wasabi

Integrated and secure storage solutions for seamless multi-cloud environments

Data growth remains off the charts and is showing no signs of slowing down. Files, videos, images, and AI are all being generated at unprecedented rates, and they need to be affordably stored and protected. S3-compatible object storage provides a cost-effective and virtually unlimitedly scalable solution for multiple applications like data protection, analytics, and video and documentary repositories.

The type Organizations are collecting, storing, and analyzing more data than ever before to gain actionable insights into their business, inform decisions, improve products and services, and gain actionable insights. To maximize the value of this data it must be efficiently stored, having on-premises storage seamlessly integrate with cloud storage provides both a cloud copy for data protection and the ability to maximize your TCO by implementing tiering.

Scality – simple, secure S3 Object storage with immutability

Deploy fast, manage easily — on VMs or standard servers. Your last line of defense against ransomware is a cyber-resilient storage solution. Scality is the simplest and most secure S3 object storage software for immutable backups. CISOs, application owners, and backup managers who need fast deployment and easy management choose Scality for its enterprise-class capabilities at super-low entry-point pricing.

Typical enterprise storage environments separate file and object data, which is inefficient, difficult to manage, and costly. What’s needed is a modern data infrastructure that can handle huge volumes of files and objects concurrently and is powerful enough to keep up with today’s big data analytics platforms.

Scality and Wasabi – deliver on the promise of Hybrid cloud

Scality and Wasabi have partnered to offer integrated solutions delivering a unified multi-cloud storage repository for ultimate economics, security, agility, and choice. Application developers can use the combined solution to easily incorporate cloud storage into their apps. End customers can use the integrated solution to reduce storage costs and improve data protection and mobility. Data can be created anywhere in the infrastructure, at the core, the edge or in the cloud — and all of it must be protected and managed according to business and regulatory policy.

The combination of Scality and Wasabi offers a highly flexible, secure solution with unified management with affordable economics and is highly scalable.
Realize predictable cost for near-term or long-term retention, align storage expenses to the value of data, and accelerate time to market all with S3 object lock immutability on-premises and in the cloud for advanced ransomware resiliency.