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The Scality Zenko multi-cloud data controller allows you to stay in control of your data across any cloud

Scality, a leader in software solutions for distributed file and object storage and multi-cloud data control, and Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company that delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage, today announced the integration of Wasabi hot cloud storage into Scality’s Zenko multi-cloud data controller, along with a new marketing and technology partnership.

As the newest back-end cloud storage service supported in Zenko, Wasabi extends the use cases for Zenko to applications that require fast and ultra-low-cost cloud storage services, including nearline archival storage for post-production workflows in media and entertainment.

Scality Partners with Wasabi

Wasabi has partnered with Scality Zenko to help businesses reduce storage expense and complexity, and better align storage costs with data value. Wasabi hot cloud storage is incredibly affordable and fast cloud object storage for any purpose. And Zenko is a multi-cloud data controller that enables you to protect, process, and search data regardless of location—on-premises or public cloud.