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Veritas Backup Exec + Wasabi Provide Cost-effective, Unified Backup and Recovery

Key Features

  • Unified solution for virtual, physical, public and hybrid cloud environment
  • Maintain an efficient archive with global deduplication tools
  • Archive on-premises or in the cloud with support for Wasabi
  • Secure data along regulatory compliance guidelines


  • Simplify data management operations
  • Rapid recovery from any storage media
  • Protect data from ransomware and other threats
  • Reduce cloud storage cost and complexity

The Veritas Backup ExecTM and Wasabi solution focuses on keeping data protection simple, secure and unified. You choose what to back up, where to store it and how to pay for it. Your data remains secure and available at every stage—whether backing up on-premises to the cloud, protecting workloads within the cloud, recovering from the cloud or just connecting to on-prem storage.

Backup Exec’s Simple Yet Powerful Data Management Platform

Backup Exec enables you to meet your organization’s data protection expectations by reducing the time it takes to back up and recover critical information, apps and servers. With Backup Exec you can mitigate the risk and cost of downtime by using a wide variety of flexible backup and recovery methods. Back up anything to virtually any storage device, and restore nearly anywhere. From VMs to entire servers, applications, single files and folders or granular application objects, Backup Exec is the single solution for all your data protection needs. Whether you are using disk, tape or cloud, you can easily and reliably backup and recover your data with Veritas Backup Exec.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast and reliable cloud storage on-demand. Wasabi’s solution is 80% less expensive and is faster than first-generation cloud vendors. Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and data immutability that guarantees stored objects cannot be deleted or modified by anyone. Not only is Wasabi 80% less expensive to store data than traditional cloud providers, but there are also no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi keeps all data “hot” so it can be accessed in milliseconds. All Veritas and Wasabi customers can treat their data as hot data, so they can shorten backup windows and quickly access their data for faster restore times.

Veritas Backup Exec + Wasabi Provide Cost-effective, Unified Backup and Recovery

Veritas Backup Exec + Wasabi for Hybrid Storage Environments

Veritas Backup Exec has certified the use of Wasabi hot cloud storage as a repository for primary and secondary storage. Backup Exec offers flexible deployment options for storage, with the ability to manage data across disk, tape, and cloud. Regardless of where your data is kept, you will be able to view it all through Backup Exec’s single interface. All data, either in the cloud or on-premises, can be seen and managed by Backup Exec. Storing infrequently accessed or archival data in the cloud can lower the overall cost of storage by reducing your reliance on expensive local storage hardware. Data kept in Wasabi can be accessed quickly and retrieved at no additional cost.