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Optimizing Video Surveillance with Salient CompleteView VMS and Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

Key Features

  • Cloud storage optimized for Salient CompleteView

  • Seamless, instant access to video data

  • Easy to set up and configure

  • Minimizes on-prem storage requirements


  • Improves organizational data security

  • Optimizes bandwidth and on-prem storage needs

  • Increases storage capacity and retention time

  • Simplifies data backup and disaster recovery


Salient is the leading software provider of comprehensive, enterprise-class video management software and systems. Salient’s CompleteView VMS leverages intelligent video technology to mitigate risk, improve service delivery, and drive positive business outcomes for customers worldwide. Built with an open architecture, CompleteView is integrated with thousands of cameras, access control, and video analytic solutions.
Complementing Salient’s powerful video management solution, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud offers CompleteView customers the ability to offload video surveillance footage to the cloud. Users gain a seamless experience in accessing and managing video data based on user-defined retention policies.

Protect. Secure. Grow.

Security users need solutions that offer multiple benefits with a single investment. Surveillance solutions built on Salient’s CompleteView offer an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure solution that improves safety and security while driving operational efficiency. Built on an open platform, CompleteView integrates seamlessly with the best in breed providers of surveillance solutions allowing users to create a truly customized surveillance system.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud is designed with eleven nines of object durability and immutability guaranteeing stored video cannot be accidentally deleted or modified protecting the data’s reliability and accuracy. Paired with Salient’s powerful cyber protection, users can confidently control access to video data as needed.

When paired with Wasabi Surveillance Cloud, CompleteView users can access and manage an endless amount of video data from anywhere directly in the client interface. Wasabi Surveillance Cloud offers a simple way to extend and/or replicate video data collected within CompleteView without adding to or changing on-site hardware. Developed as a bundled solution including the software bridge application and Wasabi hot cloud storage, Wasabi Surveillance Cloud allow users to integrate the functionality of the powerful VMS with the accessibility of bottomless cloud storage.

Optimizing Video Surveillance with Salient CompleteView VMS and Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

About Salient

Founded in 1995, Salient is a global company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Privately held for more than 25 years, Salient’s mission is to harness the intelligence in video surveillance systems with a platform built to be simple, flexible, and scalable.

Deployed globally and across various industries, installations range from small businesses to large enterprises. With a seasoned team that has spent decades in the physical security and video surveillance industry, Salient often serves as advisors to integrators and customers alike. By investing in customer success and pride in providing world-class support, this philosophy is embedded in how Salient operates.

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