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GrayMeta AI Powered Search Capabilities

Key Features

  • AI-powered media management
  • Improved search efficiency
  • Bottomless hot cloud storage


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce cloud storage costs and complexity
  • Accelerated production cycles

Find what you need, when you need it with GrayMeta Curio + Wasabi hot cloud storage

There has never been more media related content and data than there is right now. Film studios and content creators of all sizes are generating video at a formidable clip. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and streaming services are investing millions to create the next bingeable hit. Add to this legacy media operations looking to monetize existing assets on new streaming and social media services. With ever tightening deadlines and profit margins, producers are looking to increase efficiency wherever they can. Finding exactly what you need, when you need it, is an ever growing challenge that is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome. Research shows that companies can spend up to 19% of the workweek searching and gathering data.

Easily Search a Bottomless Media Library with GrayMeta Curio and Wasabi

When managing digital assets, it is crucial to be able to effectively index and search your library. Titles and shoot dates are helpful, but metadata can take this cataloging to new heights, allowing for more granular queries and more efficient searching. Combining innovative technologies from GrayMeta and Wasabi, content owners can leverage the best-of-breed storage with enhanced search capabilities; helping you be more efficient and giving you more time to do the work that really matters to your business.

GrayMeta Curio’s AI-powered solution provides context to all of this data. Its enhanced search capabilities allow for command over a content library. The service is essential to any professional media production enterprise with a large volumes of files. The ability to quickly identify the specific content or sentiment of an asset is invaluable in the fast-paced world of media production. This hyper-specific and automatic indexing of data combined with bottomless cloud storage is a winning combination for media producers looking to spend less time searching for what they want and more time delivering excellent content to their audiences.

With GrayMeta’s Curio, now interoperable with Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, content owners can automatically add intelligent metadata to their media libraries, and make it easier to find the content when it’s stored in giant data repositories and archives.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi’s innovative technology delivers cloud storage that scales infinitely, is easy to use, has better performance, and is up to 80% less expensive than leading cloud alternatives. Wasabi’s simple, tier-free pricing structure makes it easy to understand your bill. And with no charges for egress or API requests, you can freely download your data with the certainty that it will not affect your monthly statement. Wasabi operates with 11 nines of durability and the option to enable immutability at the bucket level, ensuring that your data will never be lost to human error, system failure, or other causes.

GrayMeta AI Powered Search Capabilities

GrayMeta Curio Leverages AI to Radically Improve Search

GrayMeta Curio circumvents the tedious process of manual tagging, creating intelligent metadata for almost any type of digital asset automatically. The application uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze media libraries and attach unique identifiers to each piece of content, including emotion, logos, faces, landmarks, background audio and more. This technology allows content owners to easily and efficiently search their catalog for exactly the type of asset they might need for any situation, saving time and improving workflows.