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Cut your CDN costs and increase performance with G-Core Labs and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Key Features

  • Seamless integration between CDN and cloud storage with direct peering between G-Gore Labs and Wasabi
  • single billing
  • no network egress fees
  • no transfer fees
  • Content security
  • Reduced server load
  • High reliability


  • Slash costs and complexity
  • predictable pricing
  • reduce capital and operating costs
  • Optimize application performance and reliability
  • Improve user experiences and customer satisfaction
  • Grow faster globally

Meet customer needs and grow your business faster around the globe with an integrated G-Core Labs and Wasabi solution.

Traditional on-premises storage platforms and first-generation cloud storage services are too costly and complicated for the new challenges of the digital era. Delivering bandwidth-intensive, delay-sensitive content over the public Internet can result in poor user experiences and frustrated customers.

G-Core Labs and Wasabi are partnering to help companies break down infrastructure barriers and improve performance of delivery. By using superfast global CDN and storage now you can quickly scale and develop your web projects abroad. To simplify the provisioning and usage monitoring of the Wasabi service, G-Core Labs is leveraging Wasabi’s Partner API. This API allows a G-Core Labs customer to provision and monitor their Wasabi storage resources from the G-Core Labs management portal. This integration also allows for a single bill that contains CDN and Wasabi cloud storage services.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi hot cloud storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. With Wasabi there are no confusing cloud storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode. One product with predictable and straightforward pricing supports virtually every cloud storage application.

There’s no more need to decide how and where to store your data, saving you countless hours (and consulting fees) so you can focus on growing your business instead of engineering and calculating data storage tiers and forecasting (or fearing) unpredictable hidden data egress and API request fees.

G-Core Labs CDN is a Content delivery network with first-class performance for excellence in any market

G-Core Labs have built their own network to meet the challenge of delivering any content globally at peak loads on the system. Their Guinness World Record awarded infrastructure has been tested for reliability by a million users playing simultaneously.

G-Core Labs CDN is an all-in-one solution for delivering any entertainment content. Advanced features, comfortable dashboard, flat pricing worldwide and multi-language technical support allow to deliver any heavy content in optimal fashion around the globe.

G-Core Labs CDN is approved by games publishers, software developers, online banking and stores, telecom, media, and other high load services.

G-Core Labs CDN has the largest menu of cutting-edge features

Why is an integrated solution is better?

The tightly integrated solution provides extremely fast, cost-effective and scalable content storage and delivery for the cloud-first, mobile-first world.

You can use G-Core Labs CDN and Wasabi to store and distribute content quickly and cost-effectively. Wasabi can be used as a G-Core Labs CDN origin server, interfacing directly with the CDN via Wasabi’s S3 API. The integrated solution improves user experiences by caching static content at the edge of the network closer to the user.

Cut your CDN costs and increase performance with G-Core Labs and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

About G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs is the powerful edge and cloud solutions provider for the entertainment industry and media: global hosting, content delivery network, media platform, DDoS protection, cloud, custom software development, IT infrastructure management. Trusted by Wargaming, RedFox Games, Bandai Namco, Joom, Exit Games, Tinkoff. Learn more at https://gcorelabs.com/