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Euroson Archive as a Service with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Key Features

  • Archive files based on file type, file size, create date, last access, and more
  • Archive files to the cloud from Windows, NetApp FAS, EMC VNX/Unity, EMC Isilon, and more
  • Replicate the archive to Disk, Tape, Optical, or other Cloud targets
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements with WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • AES-256 Encryption for data in-transit and data at rest
  • Apply retention policies down to the file level for archived data
  • Advanced Logging, Verification and Authentication


  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Rapid retrieval of archived content stored in the cloud
  • Significantly reduce CAPEX expenses for storage
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Archiving expense is predictable: No egress or API request fees
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Euroson’s Archive as a Service (AaaS), powered by PoINT Storage Manager and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, delivers a low cost easy to use alternative to a do it yourself on-premises archiving solution.

Archive as a Service eliminates the components of storage management that add little or no value to organizations. Storage array installs, firmware patches and updates, hardware refreshes and data migrations provide little or no intrinsic value. Archive as a Service offers organizations the availability, capacity, durability, reliability, and scalability that they still want storage to deliver. It simultaneously removes all the hidden and overlooked time and costs associated with managing and archiving. Archive as a Service also allows companies to return their focus to their core business rather than spending time on IT management of their current on-premises archive systems.


About PoINT Storage Manager

PoINT Storage Manager (PSM) is a Windows Server software application for Data Archiving. PoINT Storage Manager provides a policy-based file tiering and archiving solution which is tightly integrated with Wasabi hot cloud storage to specifically address the problems associated with the growth of inactive and unstructured data stored on primary storage systems.

What makes PSM such a great choice is that it provides the features necessary to establish a comprehensive enterprise-wide data archiving solution. PSM provides an automated policy-based method of identifying and archiving data from any share location, while allowing file system clients to retain full and transparent access to archived data via file system links and html web links. It also provides search and retrieval of archived data to authorized users using any web browser.


Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi hot cloud storage costs 80% less and is significantly faster than AWS S3, making it an ideal archive storage repository. And unlike various “cold” storage services from other cloud providers (which take hours or days to retrieve a content item), all data stored on Wasabi is immediately accessible. Wasabi hot storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. With Wasabi there are no confusing cloud storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode. And best of all, there are no egress or API request charges.


Superior Data Protection

PoINT Storage Manager is the ONLY data archiving application that uses Universal Disk Format (UDF) data containers for archival storage. UDF is an open, vendor-neutral file system used for a broad range of data storage media. UDF data containers natively provide Write Once Read Many (WORM) attributes, and appear to an operating system as standard file system volumes that cannot be altered or deleted, nor can any file within the container be altered or deleted.

In addition to the WORM File System providing complete protection of data in the archive, PoINT Storage Manager also includes Replication, Retention Policies, Verification and Authentication, and AES-256 Encryption (optional) to meet various legal, compliance, and business continuity objectives.

Wasabi is engineered for extreme data integrity and security, provides eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability and supports configurable data immutability to protect against accidental deletions, ransomware and viruses.


Affordable and Predictable Cloud Archive Service

Archive-as-a-Service provides data archiving at an affordable fixed monthly cost, and includes the use of PoINT Storage Manager software, storage space on the Wasabi Hot Cloud, and ongoing software updates and technical support. Unlike many other Cloud storage providers, there are no hidden fees or additional charges to ingest, browse, copy, or retrieve (PUT, LIST, COPY, GET) your data from the archive.

Euroson Archive as a Service with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

About Euroson

Since 1996 Euroson has been the North American Distribution partner for PoINT Software & Systems marketing advanced software applications for storage management, information retention and data archival. The focus of the company is providing Data Storage Management Solutions which are targeted towards companies and agencies requiring regulatory compliance and long-term data retention. These solutions provide high capacity permanent storage of digital information using all available storage technologies. Key markets are Energy, Financial Services, Government, Law Enforcement, Medical, and Military.