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Affordable, Fast and Secure Data Storage for Education


  • Electronic records and content management systems
  • Digital educational and online learning materials and video files
  • Big data for academic research
  • Campus security video
  • Digital media for sporting events, fine arts performances, speaking events
  • Student and business analytics

Key Features

  • Ultra-low-cost pricing
  • Extreme data durability
  • Comprehensive access controls and data encryption
  • Industry-leading performance
  • Amazon S3-compatible API
  • Intuitive browser-based interface


  • No equipment to buy or manage
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability
  • Inherent resiliency and data integrity
  • Easy to use and administer
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Enables FERPA and HIPAA compliance

Industry’s Lowest-Priced and Highest-Performing Cloud Storage Solution

Colleges, universities and school systems are adopting digital technology to improve learning, enhance student experiences and streamline operations. Interactive courseware and digital classrooms are transforming education and improving student performance. Intelligent administrative systems are increasing automation, cutting costs and improving decision-making. And cloud computing and the internet are helping academic researchers across the world collaborate and accelerate the pace of innovation.

While digital technology has the potential to fundamentally reshape education, many institutions are struggling to keep pace with skyrocketing data growth. Traditional on-site data storage platforms are notoriously expensive to deploy, scale and manage. They require significant upfront capital investments, pricey maintenance contracts and specially trained IT staff. First-generation cloud storage services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) eliminate equipment expense and complexity, but are still too costly and complicated for many applications.

Wasabi Hot Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics, Performance and Simplicity

Wasabi’s mission is to make cloud storage a simple, open-standard commodity and utility, just like electricity. Wasabi hot cloud storage is extremely affordable, fast and reliable cloud object storage—for any purpose. With Wasabi, you can maintain massive volumes of structured or unstructured data in the cloud, at radically low cost, while satisfying stringent security, durability and compliance requirements.

Disruptive Pricing Eliminates Big Data Storage Barriers

Specifically conceived to provide storage as a commodity, Wasabi hot cloud storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. Unlike other cloud storage services, with Wasabi there are no confusing storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode.

Wasabi hot cloud storage costs a flat $.0068 per GB/month ($6.99 per TB/month). That’s it. Unlike Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure we don’t impose extra fees to retrieve data from storage. And we don’t charge extra for PUT, GET, DELETE or other API calls.1

Strong Security Ensures FERPA and HIPAA Compliance

Wasabi is deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. The service provides robust security, ensuring FERPA compliance, as well as HIPAA compliance for student medical records in the United States. Wasabi supports comprehensive user authentication and access control mechanisms and strong data-at-rest encryption to safeguard stored data. In addition, all communications with Wasabi are encrypted using HTTPS to protect data in transit.

Configurable Data Immutability Defends Against Malware and Administrative Mishaps

Wasabi hot storage provides extreme data durability and integrity. Wasabi is engineered to withstand hardware failures and media errors, providing eleven 9s object durability2. An optional data immutability capability prevents accidental deletions and administrative mishaps; protects against malware, bugs and ransomware; and improves regulatory compliance. An immutable object cannot be deleted or modified by anyone—including Wasabi.

Groundbreaking Performance Accelerates Advanced Data Analytics

Wasabi features a highly parallelized system architecture that delivers breakthrough cloud storage performance. Wasabi is markedly faster than its competitors, making it the ideal storage repository for student analytics, operational analysis and academic research data.

Amazon S3 Compatibility Extends Previous Investments and Avoids Lock-In

Wasabi supports a simple, standards-based REST API that is 100% bit-compatible with Amazon S3. That means any storage management or backup application that works with Amazon S3 will work seamlessly with Wasabi. If you’re currently using Amazon S3, you can continue using your existing backup and replication tools with Wasabi without making any changes to your application or to your administrative practices. And if you are ever dissatisfied with Wasabi for any reason, you can move your data to S3 with minimal disruption.

Affordable, Fast and Secure Data Storage for Education


1 For full details on Wasabi’s pricing, please visit wasabi.com/cloud-storage-pricing