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Protect Your Business-Critical NAS and Object Data with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and DobiProtect

Key Features

  • Keep a “Golden Copy” of data in the cloud behind an air gap
  • Replication between NAS and S3 systems
  • Granular restore with no egress fees


  • Cost-effective cloud storage with Wasabi
  • Improve data security
  • Fully controllable syncing and recovery
  • Infinitely scalable backup capacity

Despite the continued attempts by companies to secure data using legacy protection methods, NAS and object data remains woefully under protected. Cyberattacks, human error, and natural disasters are just some of the risks to NAS and object data that are not mitigated by these outdated tactics.

Datadobi’s software DobiProtect enables strong business continuity by giving customers the ability to identify and maintain a “golden copy’’ of business-critical unstructured data in the cloud with Wasabi. This golden copy is one that remains untouched and serves as a restore point in the event of a disaster.

DobiProtect helps enterprises quickly identify business-critical unstructured data and isolate it as a “golden copy” in Wasabi’s cloud via an optionally air-gapped network connection. Wasabi offers users immutable buckets which prevent data from being erased or modified by anyone. This eliminates the possibility of data loss due to human error or malicious action. This “air gapped” copy, combined with DobiProtect’s backup protocols, is the most effective method of maintaining and preserving business-critical data in the cloud. In the event of an interruption, companies can easily restore the data to any NAS or object system by pointing their applications and users to the golden copy while they get their primary systems back online. DobiProtect simplifies the data copy and recovery process and is built on Datadobi’s tried-and-true architecture that is used in many of the world’s largest and most complex environments.

Businesses can slash storage costs by offloading backups and snapshots from local NAS to the cloud. Storing data on NAS is more expensive per-GB than in Wasabi’s cloud, and Wasabi is 80% of the price of competing S3 cloud providers like AWS. Wasabi also does not charge for egress, allowing you to restore your data at no additional cost. Should disaster strike, the last thing you should be worried about is your storage bill. The joint solution provides a fighting chance of restoring business operations and your business back online quickly and cost-effectively in the event of a disaster.

Protect Your Business-Critical NAS and Object Data with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and DobiProtect