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DataCore Swarm Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR)

Key Features

  • Swarm On-prem Object Storage + Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Solution
  • Choice of any one of Wasabi’s globally distributed data centers
  • Recovery management by DataCore with no ingress/egress fees


  • Enhanced data protection: Instantly add a remote DR site
  • Hassle-free data management: Easily set up using the Swarm UI with automated replication to Wasabi
  • Predictable costs: 3 years of Wasabi storage, access fees included

A Hybrid Cloud Approach to Data Protection

To ensure data protection, security experts recommend keeping a minimum of three copies of your data, two on site and one off site, to reduce risk in the event of system failure or loss of a site. As simple as it sounds, this approach can be complex and costly given data migration applications, storage capacity and unpredictable expenses (such as offsite/cloud costs and manual recovery processes and fees).

DataCore has solved these issues by expanding the enterprise data protection methods that have always been present in Swarm with the ability to instantly add a remote Disaster Recovery (DR) site powered by Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage with recovery managed by DataCore’s global support team.

Enhance Data Protection with Managed, Offsite Disaster Recovery

Swarm Cloud DR provides a seamless way to instantly add a remote DR site. Backups are customizable and data is replicated to one of Wasabi’s regional data centers—East Coast US, West Coast US, EU (Netherlands) or APAC (Japan). Swarm Cloud DR is offered as a 3-year add-on to an existing Swarm deployment or Swarm Server Appliance purchase. The service includes all Wasabi cloud storage capacity and ingress/egress fees for 3 years with recovery processes managed by DataCore. You can rest assured that your data will be restored and available as quickly as possible.

Reduce Risk, Optimize Resources and Meet Any Data Protection Requirement

Replicating data to Wasabi is simple and completed in seconds within the Swarm user interface (UI). Once set up, data is automatically and continuously replicated. Your data is protected on-prem with Swarm using replication to optimize performance or erasure coding to optimize data center footprint and capacity.

And now, data can also be protected in one of Wasabi’s geographically dispersed locations. With Swarm Cloud DR, you can meet even the most stringent data protection and retention requirements and optimize resources while having experts at the ready to help you when needed. For an added layer of protection ideal for business critical environments, the Swarm Gold Tier of support includes proactive monitoring and real-time alerting for your Swarm cluster and replication processes including the Swarm Cloud DR replication process.

Swarm Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR)

About DataCore

DataCore was founded in 2005 to change the economics of storage by designing software from the ground up to solve the issues associated with relentless data growth. DataCore’s flagship product, Swarm, decouples data from applications and hardware providing a foundation for continued data access and analysis that continuously evolves while guaranteeing data integrity. Today, DataCore software-defined object storage solutions are used to preserve and provide access to rapidly scaling data sets across many industries by organizations such as NEP, Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Argonne National Labs, Texas Tech University, Department of Defense, the Brazilian Federal Court System, British Telecom and hundreds more worldwide.