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Disruptive Price-Performance For VM Backups to the Cloud with Altaro & Wasabi

Key Features

  • High-performance backup, replication and recovery solution – fast, robust & easy
  • Multi-tenant management for single pane of glass view across all Altaro installations
  • Enterprise features at an affordable price
  • Outstanding, lightning-fast 24/7 support
  • Dramatic storage savings due to Altaro’s signature Augmented Inline Deduplication


  • Ensure business continuity: Get back up and running fast should disaster strike
  • Minimize data loss and productivity loss
  • Optimize IT productivity — the fuss-free, user-friendly solution gives the team freedom to focus on other issues
  • Slash storage costs
  • For MSPs: Enjoy excellent recurring revenue

For many organizations virtual machines are essential pieces of software, but they are as vulnerable as the hardware they’re on. Keeping regular backups of VMs offsite is an industry best-practice which protects from data loss and equipment failure, but this can be cost prohibitive for organizations with a high volume of VMs at varying sizes.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Altaro VM Backup Provides Users with Cost-Effective Data Protection Solution For Hyper-V And VMware Environments

Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, now integrates seamlessly with Altaro VM Backup, the award-winning virtual machine backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments, with a convenient, multi-tenant console for managed service providers (MSPs).

This integration enables Altaro customers, partners and managed service providers to securely and quickly save backups directly to Wasabi and benefit from disruptive price and performance. Altaro is already well-established as a robust and reliable data protection solution. By partnering with Wasabi, Altaro has gained additional cost-effectiveness. Through this integration, Altaro VM Backup allows users to store their backup data to the cloud via Wasabi in a highly affordable, scalable and dependable manner.

It’s fast and easy for Altaro users to get up and running with Wasabi: They simply need to input their Wasabi access credentials into Altaro VM Backup to securely and seamlessly handle data transfers, without requiring any additional resources running in the cloud to provide backup storage.

Altaro Partners and MSPs are encouraged to join the Wasabi Partner Network while resellers and MSPs are invited to join Altaro’s Partner Program.

By partnering with Altaro, Wasabi helps businesses curtail their storage costs while enjoying solid data protection and business continuity. Wasabi hot cloud storage is a fast and super-affordable cloud object storage solution. Altaro VM Backup is an award-winning backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware, built for MSPs, resellers and IT departments. Used by 50,000+ businesses worldwide, it’s characterized by ease of use, speed and affordability – and a multi-tenant console that gives MSPs a single pane of glass view.

Disruptive Price-Performance For VM Backups to the Cloud with Altaro & Wasabi

About Altaro

Altaro develops award-winning backup solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), IT resellers and companies. With 50,000+ customers in 121+ countries, 10,000 partners and 2,000+ MSPs, Altaro provides affordable enterprise-class functionality coupled with outstanding 24/7 support. Altaro is a one-stop-shop for backup and recovery, providing solutions for Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments; Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint; roaming and on-premises endpoints such as desktops and laptops; and physical Windows servers. Altaro also offers a monthly subscription program for MSPs, through which MSPs can manage all their different types of backups from one central multi-tenant console, across all their customers.