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Instant Data Access at the Lowest Cost: Actifio & Wasabi

Key Features

  • Ultra-low-cost cloud storage for any purpose
  • Flexible and efficient data management tools
  • Seamless integration and operation
  • Fast and reliable cloud backup and recovery for diverse operating systems, hypervisors and applications
  • Affordable primary storage for application development, big data and analytics


  • Slash storage and data protection cost and complexity
  • Accelerate backup and recovery cycles
  • Reduce risk and exposure due to data loss
  • Contain storage requirements thru data virtualization
  • Protect against equipment failures, disasters, human error, ransomware and malware
  • Accelerate agile development and cloud adoption/migration

Businesses are Investing in the Ultimate Cloud-Scale Data Protection Solution that is Cost-Effective, Fast and Secure!

Data sprawl is a major challenge for many organizations. Conventional on-premises storage solutions and first-generation cloud storage services are too costly and complex to scale and aren’t built to handle today’s data management and protection challenges.

Combine the price, performance and protection of Wasabi hot cloud storage with Actifio Sky or Actifio GO SaaS and take advantage of next-generation enterprise-class multi-cloud copy data management on top of next-generation enterprise-class cloud object storage.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Price and Performance

Wasabi hot cloud storage is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Specifically conceived to make cloud storage a commonplace utility like electricity, with Wasabi there are no confusing cloud storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode. A highly parallelized system architecture delivers breakthrough performance, so you can rapidly move large datasets in and out of the cloud.

Engineered for extreme data integrity and security, Wasabi provides eleven 9s of object durability and supports configurable data immutability to protect against accidental deletions, ransomware and viruses, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Actifio GO Delivers Large-scale, Fast Backup and Recovery for VMs and Databases

Actifio GO is a SaaS platform for backup and recovery of VMs , physical machines and databases to easily manage your data protection needs for on-premises workloads using cloud object storage such as Wasabi.

Wasabi is the only cloud object storage provider that can be provisioned directly from within the SaaS platform, making the combination of Actifio GO SaaS and Wasabi hot cloud storage the fastest and least expensive option of the cloud providers available thru Actifio GO for “instantly” backing up your on-prem workloads.

Actifio GO SaaS unique capabilities provide:

  • Agentless VMware backup directly to the cloud for large 1000+ VM environments
  • Incremental forever backups of VMware VMs directly to cloud object storage, with no data center storage cache requirement. For physical servers and databases, the cache is enabled for fast on-premises recoveries.
  • The ability to mount and recover workloads directly from cloud object storage without having to fully copy data from the cloud to the data center
  • Ability to rewind and recover instantly from cloud object storage from multiple points in time “simultaneously” – enabling rapid recovery from ransomware attacks or for regulatory requirement purposes.

Highlights of Actifio GO SaaS + Wasabi:

  • One hour to go-live – Sign up and configure both services, backup and restore using Actifio GO SaaS + Wasabi in one hour
  • Zero on-premises storage – Direct-to-cloud backup to Wasabi for VMware VMs, using Actifio OnVault technology, eliminating the need for on-premises backup storage
  • Near-instant recovery – Recover VMs, physical servers, and databases directly from Wasabi hot cloud storage back to on-premises, using the streaming network protocol and object storage data store format of Actifio’s patented OnVault technology

Instant Data Access at the Lowest Cost: Actifio & Wasabi

Actifio Sky Delivers Data-as-a-Service for Agility, Efficiency and Simplicity

Actifio Sky lets users access data the same way they’re used to accessing applications and infrastructure: as a service, available instantly, anywhere, on-demand. The platform helps accelerate the adoption of cloud-based applications and services, streamline DevOps and Dev/Test processes, and improves SLAs for backup and disaster recovery.

Actifio Sky captures application data from production servers and virtualizes data for other uses such as backup, disaster recovery, testing and analytics. The infrastructure-agnostic solution lets you store data in one location (on-premises, at a DR site or in the cloud) and present it anywhere. A comprehensive collection of data protection capabilities helps IT managers eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies, accelerate data backup and recovery functions, and improve RPOs and RTOs.

Use Actifio Sky + Wasabi

  • For low-cost & fast primary storage for agile dev & test, big data and analytics initiatives, and other data-intensive apps
  • For cost-effective secondary storage for on-premises or cloud-based apps – efficiently protecting virtualized environments, physical servers, NAS devices, and databases like Oracle, SAP HANA, MS SQL and DB2
  • For affordable and reliable archival storage for compliance and long-term data retention