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Achieve Cloud and On-Premise Backup Goals with Acronis and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Ensures 3-2-1 rule of backup
  • Reduce long term storage costs
  • Ransomware protection


  • Scheduled backups
  • Flexible storage options
  • Back up iOS and Android data

Many small businesses lose their data because they simply don’t back up. They report that doing so is too time-consuming and expensive and requires specific expertise they don’t have. Historically, such complaints are justified – until now.

Wasabi works with Acronis to help organizations reduce storage cost and complexity, and tackle ever-increasing data growth. These solutions together promise an easy-to-start, easy-to-manage, cost-effective and complete data protection for businesses of any size. Running on-premises or in the cloud, Acronis Backup is a backup as a service solution that delivers advanced cyber protection that’s packaged and priced for small infrastructures. Wherever your data rests, it can all be backed up quickly and easily. With a new integration with both Acronis Cyber Backup and Acronis On-Premise Backup, Wasabi’s hot cloud storage can now be chosen as a destination for secure, cost-effective offsite backups. With consistent backups, your data is safe from threats like ransomware, hardware failure, or any number of events that would jeopardize your data.

The Acronis Gateway can be used to automate backups to any destination, either on-premises or in the cloud. Physical and virtual machines alike can all be backed up from a single installation of Acronis, avoiding traditional costs and complexity. Data can be backed up from virtually any source including popular mobile platforms like iOS and Android, ensuring that all data remains safe.  Backing up to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage gives users access to cloud storage that is 80% less expensive than AWS with no fees for egress or API requests, making Wasabi an ideal destination for both archival and active data.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics And Performance

Wasabi hot cloud storage is the industry’s most affordable and highest-performing cloud storage service. Wasabi is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests.

Specifically conceived to make cloud storage a commonplace utility like electricity, Wasabi hot cloud storage is easy to understand, easy to order and incredibly cost-effective to scale. With Wasabi there are no confusing cloud storage tiers to decipher and no complicated fee structures to decode. A highly parallelized system architecture delivers breakthrough performance, so you can rapidly move large datasets in and out of the cloud.

Engineered for extreme data integrity and security, Wasabi provides eleven 9s object durability and supports configurable data immutability to protect against accidental deletions, ransomware and viruses, and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Achieve Cloud and On-Premise Backup Goals with Acronis and Wasabi

About Acronis

Acronis leads the world in cyber protection – solving safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges with innovative backup, security, disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and share solutions that run in hybrid cloud environments: on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Enhanced by AI technologies and blockchain-based data authentication, Acronis protects all data, in any environment, including physical, virtual, cloud, mobile workloads and applications.

With 500,000 business customers, and a powerful worldwide community of Acronis API-enabled service providers, resellers and ISV partners, Acronis is trusted by 100% of Fortune 1000 companies and has over 5 million customers. With dual headquarters in Switzerland and Singapore, Acronis is a global organization with offices worldwide and customers and partners in over 150 countries. Learn more at acronis.com.