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SoFine Foods Fortifies Its Business Continuity Thanks to Altaro-Wasabi Solution from A&V ICT


  • Food Services

Partner Ecosystem

  • Channel Partner: A&V ICT
  • Technology Alliance Partner: Altaro
  • Distributor: CloudLand


Migrate from on-premises NAS backups to automated backups to offsite cloud storage for more robust business continuity and data protection plan

Use Cases

  • Backup and recovery for virtual machines
  • Offsite cloud storage
  • Distributor: CloudLand


Safe and fast offsite storage for Altaro VM Backups and Wasabi hot cloud storage


  • Substantial savings and ease of use compared to Azure cloud storage
  • Peace of mind with automated backups to safe, secure, scaleable Wasabi hot cloud storage
  • Ability to test recovery solution without paying extra for egress or API calls

“We offer the combination of Altaro backup and Wasabi hot cloud storage to many of our customers. It is an excellent solution that is easy to implement and extremely cost-effective. In addition, Wasabi is also very fast in terms of performance. We have only positive experiences!”
– Swen Habets – Owner at A&V ICT


SoFine Foods in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, prepares and sells plant-based food that is not only healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, but above all extremely tasty. The company was an early pioneer of plant-based food in this part of the world, getting its start in 1963 when it began making tofu for people that migrated from Indonesia. Their location in the south of the Netherlands near Belgium and Germany became the perfect staging ground for delivering their delicious and healthful products all across Europe.

As the company sought to mature its security and business continuity posture, they naturally reached out to their longtime IT service provider partner, A&V ICT.

Offsite backups to the cloud

Located in Bunde, A&V ICT specializes in software integration, cloud services, and customized solutions designed to unburden small and medium-sized businesses from the mundane and technical tasks of managing and maintaining their IT environment. Their goal is to simplify, streamline, and automate work processes so that their customers have more time to focus on their core business.

“SoFine was backing up all of their virtual machines (VMs) to a local NAS. They needed a more secure and robust solution,” said Swen Habets, owner of A&V ICT, “one that included offsite storage in the cloud to protect the company in the event of a ransomware attack, local disaster, corrupt files or accidental deletions on premises.” A&V ICT recommended an integrated solution comprised of Altaro VM Backup and Wasabi hot cloud storage. “We offer this combination to many of our customers. Altaro and Wasabi is an excellent solution that is easy to implement and is extremely cost-effective for our customers.”

SoFine Foods Fortifies Its Business Continuity Thanks to Altaro-Wasabi Solution from A&V ICT

Altaro VM Backup + Wasabi = Seamless security for less

Wasabi integrates seamlessly with Altaro VM Backup, the award-winning virtual machine backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments. Managed service providers and resellers using Altaro also enjoy the convenience of a single, centralized view of all their customers’ backups through their multi-tenant online management console.

Through this integration, Altaro VM Backup enables users to securely and quickly save backups directly to the Wasabi cloud in a highly affordable, scalable, and dependable manner. “SoFine Foods had previously used Azure for their cloud storage but Wasabi was a lot easier to work with and far more affordable,” explained Habets. “We regularly test recovery for SoFine as well as all of our customer backups, so the fact that Wasabi does not charge for egress or API calls is another expense we don’t have to worry about.”

Data sovereignty adds additional peace of mind

SoFine Foods also had a requirement that their data stayed in Europe, so Wasabi’s four storage regions across EMEA was critical to their decision-making process. “Wasabi’s data center in Amsterdam not only solved the customer’s data sovereignty concerns but helps with overall data performance,” said Habets.

“The Altaro-Wasabi solution fits perfectly with A&V ICT’s mission of making our customers’ lives easier. Everything works automatically so that the customer hardly has to worry about it, and SoFine Foods can now be sure that their data is stored safely and securely in the cloud.”