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Create High Quality Content Quickly and Cost-Effectively with Primestream and Wasabi

Key Features

  • Direct API integration between Primestream and Wasabi
  • Seamless assimilation of Tier-1 storage and cloud storage
  • Automated archive of assets and projects
  • Concurrent file archiving and restoration
  • Edit/browse with proxies while securely storing source materials in Wasabi
  • AI-powered metadata tagging for powerful search


  • Slashes storage costs and complexity
  • Mitigates the spread of on-prem storage infrastructure
  • Secures content off-site for long term preservation
  • Centralized content management enables rapid find and retrieval
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Empowers remote collaboration

In today’s highly competitive media environment, broadcast and digital operations need to operate at the speed of light and be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. Global events and market circumstances have also forced media production teams, accustomed to working in close proximity, to work at distance. Today’s broadcast and digital workflows require a hybrid approach that seamlessly blends the high-performance, on-prem production environment with flexible, low-cost cloud resources.

Primestream Xchange® and Wasabi Deliver a Superior Hybrid Media Workflow

Primestream’s Xchange Media Asset Management (MAM) system provides a high performance, hybrid platform for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution. Professional media production teams rely on Xchange to maintain an organized media library across various storage environments to power the production process from rough-cut editing to finishing to publication. Xchange features rich, AI-powered metadata tagging that allows artists to rapidly find and retrieve the assets they need saving time and money.

Primestream Xchange seamlessly incorporates Wasabi hot cloud storage to supplement high-performance Tier-1 production storage with low-cost, highly secure and infinitely scalable cloud storage. Wasabi serves as a highly durable repository for project source materials and raw camera files while editors and artists work on proxy files. Wasabi also provides an effective nearline tier of storage for work that is awaiting review and approval or versioning for distribution. Using Wasabi cloud storage further allows remote workers to more easily share assets from an organized media archive that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and without the limitations of traditional on-premise archive storage, particularly slow-responding LTO archives.

Create High Quality Content Quickly and Cost-Effectively with Primestream and Wasabi

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers Breakthrough Economics and Performance

Wasabi is a universal, one-size-fits-all cloud object storage service that eliminates the complexity and expense of other cloud storage services. Wasabi offers a single tier of high-performance storage that is 80% less costly than Amazon’s S3 service and does not include any of the costly and unpredictable fees for data egress, API calls and other data management actions. Wasabi is engineered for extreme data integrity and security providing eleven 9s of object durability. Wasabi also supports configurable data immutability to protect against any accidental data deletions or malicious attacks against stored assets. A parallelized system architecture delivers superior read/write performance, so users can rapidly move media files in and out of Wasabi.

About Primestream

Primestream is a leading provider of asset management, automation software, and workflow orchestration solutions for media and production operations that are scalable and highly configurable across markets, platforms, and infrastructures to ensure long-term flexibility and value. With a long history in media creation workflows, Primestream combines best-in-class technology with proven reliability to help optimize media creativity for enterprise, digital media, sports, and broadcast operations worldwide. Primestream products leverage deep expertise and insight into market trends and customer requirements to connect content creation, collaboration, asset management, production, and delivery together in an optimal workflow.

The Primestream software suite has been field-proven in a wide range of production facilities for many of the world’s leading broadcasters and corporations, such as Vice Media Group, Microsoft Production Studios, Cisco TV, NFL Networks, NFL Films, StreamTeam, AT&T Sports, SunTV, Disney, New World Symphony, Verizon Media Group, Fortune Magazine, Time USA, Business Insider, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, MTG Sweden, Newsy, Goldman Sachs, and many more.