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Key Features

  • Machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious activity and mitigate against ransomware attacks
  • Automated remediation when threats are detected
  • Centralized and intuitive reporting for Veeam and Wasabi


  • Mitigate suspicious activity occurring within your backup environment
  • Automatically air-gap & protect your Wasabi data in response to threats
  • Monitor & alert backup RPOs and other metrics independent from the backup software
  • Reduced data recovery costs with no egress fess or API costs

What is Opti9 Observr

Hackers are targeting backup & replication infrastructure when they breach an organization to destroy all means of recovery, thus increasing their chances of being paid the ransom. To combat this emerging threat, Opti9 launched Observr to detect anomalies using artificial intelligence and machine learning within customers’ Veeam backup environments.

Observr is a SaaS-based platform that can be utilized by anyone using Veeam & Wasabi. Observr requires no special software or network configurations, and utilizes Veeam’s proprietary and encrypted CloudConnect protocol to transfer metadata securely. Customers can add Observr to their Veeam install with a few simple clicks and immediately start benefiting from its security assurances.

Observr works by detecting anomalous activity within the environment they may indicate the presence of an attacker, such as suspicious changes to: RPOs, job settings, retention, immutability, encryption, deletions, incremental change rates, and many other factors. When threats are detected, Observr can send alerts via email, APIs, and integrations with 3rd party security platforms. Additionally, users have the option to configure Observr to automatically airgap Wasabi storage buckets to ensure they’re protected and can be utilized as a means for recovery.

AI-Powered Ransomware Detection and Protection with Affordable Cloud Storage for Your Veeam Backups from Wasabi and Opti9

Why Wasabi and Opti9 Are Better Together

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Opti9 Observr  provide a comprehensive protection solution available for your Veeam backup strategy. It combines resilient and immutable storage with a platform to detect suspicious or malicious activities that typically precede an attack. Since Observr is external to Veeam and Wasabi, it provides monitoring, alerting, and remediation capabilities which insider threats cannot tamper with or disable.

Utilizing the cloud for data storage is a valuable economic benefit for managing and scaling your growing data. Limit the need for on-prem hardware by utilizing sustainable and cost-effective hot cloud storage. With Wasabi and Cohesity, you can easily configure your backup jobs and, within minutes, start protecting your mission-critical data and applications.

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