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Swedish Video Streaming Provider StayLive Migrates from AWS and Cuts Costs with Cloudflyer+Wasabi


Media & Entertainment

Use Cases

  • Cloud-to-cloud Migration
  • Content Delivery


High storage costs on AWS


  • No AWS egress charges
  • Significant cost savings
  • Business continuity

Wasabi has quickly become the defacto safe haven for AWS and Microsoft Azure customers seeking to lower their growing cloud storage costs and do away with their expensive egress fees.

— Patrick Kennedy, Founder & CEO, Cloudflyer


StayLive is a Swedish video streaming provider that offers media and broadcasting services. Like many media companies, they began their cloud journey with AWS and they still utilize many AWS services. However, their AWS storage costs weren’t only the most expensive service in their workflow, but those costs were growing fast, increasing month after month.

Business Challenge: Eliminate Unnecessary Costs to Increase Competitiveness

StayLive wanted to lower their high cloud storage costs and eliminate egress fees. They were searching for a cost effective solution to overcome this challenge, but didn’t know of one prior to working with Wasabi and Cloudflyer.

Solution: Migrate to Cheaper Cloud Storage with Cloudflyer + Wasabi

Cloudflyer offers current cloud storage customers the option to move quickly and easily between cloud providers. Cloudflyer allows current AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure customers the option to get out of high cost storage and eliminate on-going egress fees by moving to Wasabi Cloud Storage. However, many who would like to switch are hesitant to do so due to the high egress costs their current host imposes. To combat this, Cloudflyer covers egress costs of 10 TB or more when moving data from AWS to assist enterprises in the migration from expensive cloud storage.

“Moving from S3 to Wasabi was a decision we made to reduce both storage and egress costs,” said Johannes Rubensson, CTO of StayLive. “In order to move our video content from S3 to Wasabi, we were up for a bit of a challenge if it wasn’t for Cloudflyer. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to do it on our own, Cloudflyer helped us with all the setup and removed all of the headaches that we had going into this project. Instead of having to think about how to move the content, we can focus on what’s really important for our business.”

Once migrated to Wasabi’s cloud, customers can expect to save 80% on storage costs compared to Amazon S3. Wasabi is also faster than AWS and does not charge fees for egress or API requests, meaning that businesses that require frequent data transfers and high speeds will save even more on Wasabi and will not experience any degradation in performance. Wasabi’s S3 compatibility allows organizations that migrate out of AWS to be able to use other S3 applications without disrupting existing workflows.

Customer Results

StayLive learned about Wasabi while researching cloud storage alternatives and found Cloudflyer among Wasabi’s Tech Alliance Partnerships. After a quick call with Cloudflyer, StayLive CTO Johannes Rubensson was convinced that this solution was exactly what they needed in order to lower their high S3 storage costs by 80% and eliminate egress fees altogether, while not paying any egress fees in making the move out of S3 which would have been prohibitively expensive.

Within 2 days, Cloudflyer moved 75 TBs from their S3 account to their new Wasabi account. Immediately after the migration, Cloudflyer C2C Sync was enabled for ongoing daily transfers from their S3 account into Wasabi. It was a seamless get-out-of-S3 experience. The ROI (cost of Cloudflyer) will be realized in a matter of weeks as their cloud storage bill with Wasabi will be a fraction of the cost of AWS.

As a streaming media provider, the transfer of data at high speeds is imperative for StayLive’s business. With Wasabi as their new cloud storage host, they can now do so without AWS’ costly egress fees. StayLive’s Cloudflyer-assisted migration to Wasabi will pay dividends as their business continues to grow.

Cloudflyer & Wasabi Deliver Significant Cost Savings for Swedish Video Streaming Provider StayLive with AWS to Wasabi Migration