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Novus Insight Retains Massive Body-Cam Libraries with Wasabi


Implement a cost-effective, fast and reliable storage repository for rapidly expanding digital video library


Wasabi hot cloud storage


  • Cloud storage solution accelerates time-to-market and service agility, and eliminates equipment expense and complexity
  • Ultra-low-cost, pay-as-you-grow pricing optimizes business performance
  • Inherent resiliency and data durability ensures high availability and integrity
  • Strong security and data immutability ensures CJIS compliance and prevents evidence tampering and destruction

“Wasabi is far less expensive than traditional storage arrays or other cloud storage services. And the performance just amazed us. The read times with Wasabi are actually the same as with local storage.”


Novus Insight, a 501c3 nonprofit integrator of managed video storage for law enforcement agencies, uses Wasabi hot cloud storage for cost-effective, fast and reliable data retention. The trusted service provider maintains massive video collections in the cloud at radically low cost, while satisfying stringent security, durability and compliance requirements.

Novus Insight Retains Massive Body-Cam Libraries with Wasabi

Business Challenge: Affordable, Fast and Reliable Storage for Digital Video Evidence Preservation

Law enforcement agencies are looking to body-cams and dash-cams to enhance policing, boost public safety and improve crime-fighting. But implementing a video evidence program can be a daunting proposition for many police departments. Evaluating cameras and in-car video systems, researching media management applications and integrating solutions is a resource intensive, time-consuming endeavor, beyond the means of many towns and cities. And to make matters worse, most departments lack the staff and budget to maintain massive digital video collections in a secure and reliable manner.

Novus Insight provides a wide range of consulting and managed technology services to help law enforcement agencies execute body-cam and dash-cam initiatives quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Durable digital evidence retention is a core component of Novus Insight’s managed service offering. To that end, the company sought an economical, scalable and dependable storage solution for its state-of-the art body-cam video management service.

“Body camera programs can generate thousands of hours of video every day,” explains Dan Salazar, Novus Insight Director of IT Services. “All that footage must be securely stored and easily accessible for investigations and Freedom of Information Act requests. And it has to be safely preserved for trial and securely archived for years or even permanently for homicide cases. A highly scalable, cost-effective and reliable storage platform is absolutely critical for success.”

Solution: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

After evaluating a number of options Novus Insight selected Wasabi to protect and retain its rapidly expanding video library. Wasabi hot cloud storage is extremely inexpensive, fast and reliable cloud storage—for any purpose. “Wasabi is far less expensive than traditional storage arrays or other cloud storage services,” says Salazar. “And the performance just amazed us. The read times with Wasabi are actually the same as with local storage.”

Thanks to Wasabi, Novus Insight takes full advantage of a highly cost-effective and instantly scalable cloud storage solution that helps the company accelerate time-to-market, increase service agility, minimize upfront investments and tightly align ongoing expenses with service revenues. Better still, Wasabi’s strong security capabilities, inherent resiliency and optional data immutability features help Novus Insight ensure high service levels and CJIS compliance, and protect against evidence tampering, malware and administrative mishaps.

About Wasabi

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering low-cost, fast, and reliable cloud storage. Wasabi is 80% cheaper and faster than the competition, with 100% data immutability protection and no data egress fees.

Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA.