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Ivy League Schools Transform Data Strategy and Achieve Cost Savings with Wasabi


Higher Education

Use Cases 

  • Archive
  • Backup & Recovery


Manage data growth, preserve archival data


Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage


  • Significant annual savings
  • Reliable backup and recovery ensure data availability
  • Improved performance


The schools of the Ivy League are among America’s oldest and most storied institutions. Their prestige is known worldwide for their highly selective admissions and decades of academic excellence. They produce groundbreaking research and are stewards of notable artworks and historical documents.

Business Challenge: Managing Data Growth

All modern enterprises are experiencing an unprecedented explosion of data. The Ivy League is no exception. Colleges and universities collect large quantities of data with many still utilizing legacy storage solutions like LTO tape drives and NAS systems.

The schools of the Ivy League require a data storage solution that does not require regular maintenance (leading to low availability) and can scale with them as their data needs grow. It should also be compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines and inexpensive enough to accommodate long term archival storage.

Solution: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

IT departments at more than half of Ivy League schools have chosen Wasabi as their cloud storage destination. Wasabi is 1/5th the cost of competing Amazon S3 cloud storage while remaining faster than S3 and compatible with Amazon’s popular S3 API.

Wasabi’s high speed infrastructure has made it an ideal choice for education institutions who are adopting cloud-hosted applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Blackboard Learn. On-premises solutions like tape and NAS devices either lack the speed or capacity required to support rapid data growth, and widespread adoption of cloud-based software is making these shortcomings all the more apparent.

Ivy League Schools Transform Data Strategy and Achieve Cost Savings with Wasabi


Ivy League schools are able to meet or exceed their goals faster and more affordably by using Wasabi hot cloud storage. Wasabi’s bottomless cloud storage is a secure, scalable solution for enterprises undergoing digital transformation and rapid data growth. Storing data offsite is an easy way to bolster data availability in the event of system failure or ransomware attack. Maintaining business continuity is essential for these schools and Wasabi is helping them achieve this with a thorough backup strategy.

Wasabi’s low price also makes it ideal for archival storage. Organizations storing large amounts of cold data on premises can save money by migrating that data to the cloud, freeing up space on local storage. Wasabi’s speed enables active archiving, keeping large data sets in the cloud where they can be easily and quickly accessed for analysis.