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Wasabi Technologies Helps CTM Group to Offer Cloud Storage to Media Market


Media & Entertainment

Use Cases

  • Archive
  • Media asset management


Scale storage to meet production demand, centralize storage assets, remove data silos


Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage


  • Reduced storage cost & complexity
  • Create bottomless storage library for frequent access and archive
  • Enable remote workforce


Like all sectors of activity, the media industry has undergone a digital transformation. With new technologies and workflows utilized to meet growing production demands and the increasing data distribution, the question of data storage and remote access is more crucial than ever, and storage is becoming a competitive advantage. To meet these challenges, CTM Group, a provider of technical solutions for the media industry, relies on Wasabi Technologies’ cloud storage solution to power its “Cloud for Media” solution.

CTM Group: a pioneer in the media industry

Founded in 1919 as a manufacturer of film equipment, CTM Group today provides media professionals with products and services dedicated to the unique challenges of the entertainment industry. For over a century, the company has reinvented itself and gained the trust of production leaders, service providers and television channels.

CTM Group proposes and develops technical platforms from which creators can carry out all the operations necessary for the manufacture of their programs (editing, calibration, mixing, VFX, conformation…), as well as the distribution and archiving of them.

For a long time, on-site storage solutions were sufficient for program operation and manufacturing, but a new reality has emerged, brought on by changes in film equipment and workflow, that now requires the use of newer technologies for storing video.

The new reality of the media industry

As the number of television channels has grown, and the development of streaming and Video On Demand (VOD) platforms have shaken up the market, competition between different productions is increasing. They have to go faster, offer new programs, and make content available as quickly as possible. This is the case, for example, for certain soap operas or flagship programs, shot in near-real-time to keep up with current events.

In addition, the fact that teams are spread throughout the globe or are forced to work from home makes collaboration essential, and these solutions make it possible.

The CTM Group launched their “cloud for media” offering in order to meet these new needs and approached Wasabi to provide the cloud storage perfect for the challenges of the media sector.

Accustomed to keeping their data in-house, broadcast professionals are just beginning to turn to the cloud for storage. They expect the technology to enable them to collaborate and share just as they would with conventional production storage.

Wasabi Technologies Helps CTM Group to Offer Cloud Storage Adapted to the Needs of the Media Market

Wasabi: the cloud and nothing but the cloud

Unlike other providers, Wasabi only sells storage space. This model allows the company to specialize in its offering, creating the most competitive prices on the market and guaranteeing its customers a total visibility on costs.

CTM Group thus offers a commercial formula “Reserve Storage” on a yearly or 3-year basis with several billing milestones for an amount fixed in advance. This includes all the associated services and business solutions that are added by CTM Group to meet specific needs and which are all interconnected to Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Finally, because Wasabi EMEA is located in France and has multiple storage regions across Europe, including Paris, its offer respects the principles of GDPR, giving European customers peace of mind regarding the sovereignty of their data.

COVID, testing and the new normal

In the media sector, where the notion of intellectual property is more present than ever, the cloud has long been avoided. But last spring’s health crisis accelerated its adoption, making this technology beneficial for operational resilience.

Many media professionals naturally turned to the Solutions distributed and integrated in France by CTM Group at the beginning of the pandemic in order to rethink their production tool.

Confined to their homes, the employees of the production companies nevertheless had to continue to produce reports, series and other documentaries, including on the health crisis itself.

Initially proposed by CTM Group as a test and evaluation platform, Wasabi hot cloud storage has provided ease of use and its contribution to each of the above business sectors. The new “cloud for media” working methods thus put in place by CTM Group teams could become the standard for the months and years to come.

The Elephant Group / Webedia deploys a hybrid collaborative platform

French producer, the Elephant Group / Webedia works on magazines such as “ Invitation au voyage “, “ Le pouvoir extraordinaire du cœur humain “ or “ Le monde de Jamy “. With the help of the CTM Group teams, it set up a hybrid collaborative platform around Wasabi last spring, which allowed it to ensure business continuity and fluidify workflows.

This platform is interconnected with the transcoding & workflow engine Root6 ContentAgent, the hybrid archiving solution XenData and the Group’s Asset Management System (based on the Cantemo Portal M.A.M. that CTM Group regularly integrates among other solutions for its customers in Post-production).

“We became interested in Wasabi a few months ago, the health crisis forced us to intervene very quickly to allow the implementation of the “daily 7 to 8” for TF1. Wasabi and the CTM Group teams accompanied us in record time. We produce every day with this interconnected collaborative platform, it’s super simple for journalists and editors!”

Julien Chambaud, CTO, Elephant Group / Webedia

Brut Media uses a flexible storage solution

Brut is a 100% video media, co-created by Renaud Le Van Kim, former producer of the Grand Journal de Canal +. Its offer, aimed at young people, is now very successful on social networks for people under thirty.

Brut Media was looking for a flexible storage solution to meet the current environment. The CTM Group teams had exchanged with the business teams and chose the Wasabi and Lucidlink solution.

“Thanks to its cloud storage offer at a competitive price, Brut Media has found an economical, efficient and secure solution to store its backups.”

– Laurent FALLET, Infrastructure Manager / Devops, Brut Media

JLA Groupe archives and secures its media

JLA Groupe is the first independent group of media producers of fiction in France. It also includes subsidiaries dedicated workflow, video games, youth, music, and a television channel. It is with Wasabi hot cloud storage that the group ensures the security and archiving of its media.

“We chose to secure our audiovisual heritage with the HSM XenData solution which allows us to synchronize and automatically secure the Masters to the Wasabi secure hot cloud storage. We wanted to rely on a player who respects the RGPD, providing us with a high-performance and financially attractive solution, without hidden costs.”

– Jean-Nicolas TIRLO, Directeur Technical Director, JLA Groupe

TITRAFILM stores on the cloud

Founded in 1933, TITRAFILM is France’s oldest dubbing and subtitling company for cinema. Among other things, the company has developed its skills in subtitling for the deaf and hearing-impaired and audio description, and contributes to the digitization and restoration of the French film heritage. TITRAFILM quickly became interested in cloud storage solutions.

Always very active in R&D, the TITRAFILM teams finalized the Wasabi S3 connector for M.A.M. (MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT). This allows us to secure some of our assets in a resilient cloud storage like Wasabi, but also to simplify the collaboration with our partners or customers thanks to the integration of in reslient cloud storage like Wasabi in our platform.”

– David Frilley, CEO, TITRAFILM

About CTM Group

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