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Cloud file protection company Fileshadow turns to Wasabi for highly secure and durable storage


  • Municipalities
  • Photographers
  • Small Businesses

Use Cases 

  • Archiving
  • Backups
  • File Categorization and Indexing
  • Photographic Storage


Find a durable, high-performing, and cost effective option to offer customers needing multi-cloud storage for all types of files


Wasabi hot cloud storage


  • Connect disparate cloud files
  • Protect files against data loss
  • Ability to archive more data, longer
  • Provide a true multi-cloud solution

“The Wasabi partnership brings highly secure and durable multi-cloud support to FileShadow’s service”


FileShadow’s cloud file assurance service helps prosumers and small-to-medium-sized organizations instantly find photographs and files saved in disparate places.

Individuals and businesses with document intensive needs can protect, catalog, and archive their photos and files, into a single secure, reliable, and searchable location and then rapidly find and download those files. Users include photographers, creatives, insurance agents and agencies, financial services, and municipalities.

FilesShadow has partnered with Wasabi so that its customers can choose the cloud storage system that best fits their price, performance, and protection needs.


Online and network attached file hosting services are growing rapidly. That makes it easy to store photos and files and access them from anywhere. But it also makes it ever-more complicated to later find and download those files. Tyrone Pike, founder and CEO of FileShadow, envisioned a true multi-cloud solution that included reliable, high-performing, and cost-effective cloud storage—and his clear choice was Wasabi.

Individuals are storing their photographs and files on multiple online and onsite services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Adobe Creative Cloud and the Drobo Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance.

Tyrone recognized the need to make files easy to find, instantly accessible, and “available for a lifetime,” regardless of the source. He also knew that his customers appreciate options and cost savings.


FileShadow’s cloud file assurance service backs up disparate online and Drobo accounts into one single cloud storage “vault”. FileShadow leverages leading technology solutions like Wasabi hot cloud storage, Google’s Vision and Map APIs, along with others, to make photos and files easy to find and rapidly accessible.

Photos and files stored on online hosting services or on Drobo’s NAS appliance are now backed up to a single cloud storage location enabled by Wasabi hot cloud storage. FileShadow customers can now choose between Wasabi hot cloud storage, or other select public cloud object storage providers.

Files can be found rapidly via a familiar search tool. And thanks to Wasabi’s 11 nines of data durability, files stored on Wasabi hot cloud storage are highly secure and protected from data loss. Wasabi’s hot cloud storage technology adds superior performance so that files can be downloaded rapidly.

Cloud file protection company turns to Wasabi for highly secure and durable storage


“The Wasabi partnership brings full multi-cloud capabilities to FileShadow’s service,” says Pike, of FileShadow. “The multi-cloud approach to file archiving, backup, and restore gives the customer options that meet their needs for features, performance, durability, and price point.”

With Wasabi, FileShadow continues to add options to the way users manage their disparate storage options, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Drobo. Using the multi-cloud methods enabled by partnering with Wasabi, customers are offered a paradigm-changing way to consider their use of cloud storage.

What’s Next for FileShadow?

FileShadow is one of the first to bring Machine Learning, (ML) to the mass market through Google’s advanced API. FileShadow showcases the integration of the Google Compute Engine, Google Vision API, Google Maps API, Google OCR API, and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to help prosumers and SMB customers manage and protect their files. Through the power of Google and the unique file assurance service from FileShadow, partnered with Wasabi, the user can perform robust file analysis and discovery through simple searches and be assured that their storage is secure and fully protected by Wasabi hot cloud storage.