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City of McAllen, Texas Protects Their Data With Wasabi+Commvault


  • Municipalities
  • State and Local Government

Use Cases 

Backup & Recovery


  • Offsite data storage
  • Cost-savings
  • Cloud migration


Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery + Wasabi Ball + Wasabi hot cloud storage


  • Offsite backups to a different geographical area
  • Cost-effective Cloud Storage Solution
  • Easily forecast budget – zero cost for storage egress or API calls

“Adding an additional layer of data protection through Wasabi gives us peace of mind knowing our data is safely secure from natural disasters or cybersecurity threats.”

– Jason Shelton, Systems Manager – City of McAllen, TX


McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County, Texas and the 22nd-most populous city in Texas with a population of over 140,000. The City of McAllen hosts over 200 servers with over 75TB of storage, each performing regular backups using a Commvault Backup Solution and storing the data on-premises.


The City of McAllen was looking to increase their data security by offloading their backup repository to an offsite location. Their chosen cloud provider needed to be compatible with their existing Commvault Backup application. This solution needed to be fast, reliable, and secure, while keeping costs to a minimum. With over 75TB of data needing to be moved to the cloud, they were also looking for an efficient method of data transfer.


The City of McAllen needed a cloud storage provider that could seamlessly work with their Commvault Backup Solution as well as store the data in a different geographical area. Wasabi provides these services at a fraction of the cost of other major cloud storage providers, all while keeping the data accessibility fast, reliable, and secure. Wasabi’s S3-compatible storage integrates easily with Commvault, allowing the City of McAllen to connect to Wasabi’s cloud from within their existing solution. Wasabi offers several options for data center locations on both coasts of the US and a us-central-1 location in Plano, Texas.

The City of McAllen utilized Wasabi’s data transfer appliance, Wasabi Ball, to quickly migrate their local data to the cloud. Transferring a large data amount like theirs over standard Internet connection would have been time and bandwidth intensive. Instead, they bypassed the Internet and rapidly offloaded their on-premises storage to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage.

Wasabi Chosen by City of McAllen, Texas as Their Preferred Cloud Storage Provider


Wasabi provides the City of McAllen with an additional layer of data protection as backups are stored in a different geographical location, protecting critical data in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane. Wasabi’s pricing structure is simple and competitive, based solely on the amount of storage needed with no additional costs for egress or API requests unlike major competitors such as Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Wasabi’s single hot storage tier is fast and readily available. “There was no need for debate on which storage plan fits our budget and data protection needs,” Jason Shelton, Systems Manager of the City of McAllen said. Wasabi hot cloud storage allowed the City of McAllen to meet or exceed all of their goals while staying under budget.