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Rapid Recovery lets you protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud

With Quest QoreStor, you’ll be able to connect to the cloud for data archiving and disaster recovery faster and more easily, accelerate backup performance through protocol accelerators, and reduce storage requirements & costs through content-aware, variable block deduplication.

Reduce Uncertainty of Cloud Recovery Costs with Quest QoreStor and Wasabi

Once Wasabi is enabled as a cloud tier option directly in the QoreStor user interface, backups become faster, shorter, and easier. Customers can deduplicate data, and compress and encrypt data using QoreStor before sending the data to Wasabi’s storage user interface. Additionally, customers can reduce OpEx by optimizing cloud storage and paying as they grow, storing nearly any amount of data including data for applications without an object interface, like Oracle RMAN.