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Sushi.Cloud is the highest-performing, fully dedicated CPU cloud infrastructure that’s up to 78% cheaper than the hyperscalers

Wasabi and Sushi.Cloud offer a complete and secure solution for both managed object storage and cloud computing.

Simple, Intuitive and cost-effective cloud storage and cloud compute

For workloads requiring more than 16TB of storage, Sushi Cloud and Wasabi have partnered to provide seamless interoperability between compute and object storage. Customers can securely transfer data between the two platforms at no additional cost. This allows organizations to store large volumes of data, images, and video on Wasabi and deliver them to Sushi Cloud for compute workloads for just a fraction of the cost they would incur by using other hyperscalers. This enables you to do more with your data, leaving more time and resources to accelerate innovation. The Wasabi and Sushi Cloud solution eliminates data transfer fees—both between Wasabi and Sushi Cloud and the end-user—creating a highly predictable pricing structure for compute-intensive environments. Wasabi and Sushi Cloud offer a best-of-breed solution for both managed object storage and cloud computing.