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SoDA simplifies cloud data management by providing insight into how much is spent on your existing storage, any egress for movement, and the cost to store the data in Wasabi.

SoDA’s data management software is storage agnostic, providing unprecedented insight into a company’s storage ecosystem. SoDA forecasts storage costs by using predictive analytics, user defined policies, intelligent tiering, and transparent movement of data from anywhere to Wasabi. SoDA works across all file protocols, operating systems, and major cloud vendors storage.

SoDA Intelligent Data Management and Cloud Cost Analytics for Wasabi

The SoDA platform, combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage illustrates the benefits of low-cost storage in the cloud and the advantages of Wasabi’s no-cost egress policy. The simplicity of both the SoDA platform and Wasabi make optimizing large datasets intuitive, with predictable pricing on both sides of the solution.