Wasabi and Packet. Two disruptive companies working together to redefine the Cloud, eliminating vendor lock-in and enabling the industry’s best-of-breed compute, storage and network solution.

The Wasabi-Packet Cloud integrated solution will connect over a high-capacity, low-latency fiber network with no transfer fees between compute and storage elements. The resulting integrated environment provides the experience of the public cloud with superior performance, scalability and affordability. Learn more about packet with Wasabi.

The Power of Choice

The integrated solution connects the Packet and Wasabi clouds directly over a high-capacity, low-latency fiber network—with no transfer fees— providing unmatched speed and economics for cloud application developers, SaaS providers and enterprise cloud operations teams.



Press Release

Packet and Wasabi have joined forces to offer customers both “compute in the cloud” and “storage in the cloud” by integrating their respective platforms.

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Solution Brief

Unleash Cloud Economics and Speed with Packet Compute and Wasabi Storage.

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Build It Your Way: A Best-of-Breed Cloud on Your Terms

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Knowledge Base

Wasabi has partnered with Packet for a joint compute + storage solution. Learn more about our solution.

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